Staindrop, County Durham-1st October 2013

Location of Sighting: Staindrop, County Durham
Date of Sighting:1/10/2013
Time: 9pm
Witness Name: Gemma

Witness Statement:Travelling along the A688 Staindrop from Barnard Castle as a passenger.

Noticed large object – Green with white stripe – travelling towards Barnard Castle VERY fast, no noise was coming from the object – Moments later a Fighter Jet on full afterburner was chasing after it.

Witnessed it with my work colleague and also the car in front of us slowed right down to watch it – we had to avoid the car otherwise we would have hit them.


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Updated: October 2, 2013 — 10:31 pm


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  1. We eventually spoke to the person that was in the car ahead of us she also noticed the object and described exactly what we saw, she worked for a care company and she had told a friend the story of what she saw that night, my friend was shocked when she told her we had seen the same object / in total 3 people witnessed this object – I will give a little more info.

    So we were travelling into staindrop (myself and a work colleague) – and I first noticed the object moving towards the direction of Barnard Castle firstly it’s speed was very slow almost stopped then it literally moved off at a extremely fast amount of speed almost like a blur, nothing like i’ve seen before and I don’t believe it was a plane.

    we were driving into staindrop at the time and we were shocked at what we had seen, it was maybe 30 seconds from the object to driving into straindrop when we heard military planes travelling in the direction of the ufo flying very low but the engine noise was deafening and they were moving fast, we were not able to make out what type of aircraft they were.

    We could not make out the shape of the object as it was dark just the colour of it being Green and it made no noise.

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