Stanton, Suffolk-26th September 2014

Location of Sighting: Stanton, Suffolk
Date of Sighting: 26 September 2014
Time: 22:15
Witness Name: Sharon P

Witness Statement: Whilst relaxing in my garden hot tub star gazing I witnessed as straight light moving jerkily across the sky from south to east. It was not a smooth movement across the sky like an aircraft or satellite. I watched it for a few minuets before it became obscured by clouds. Unlike regular aircraft traffic there were no flashing lights, and each time it moved it moved quickly in small bursts, sometimes it even moved backwards. I have lived around air traffic all my life and this light did not move like any ordinary aircraft.


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Updated: September 30, 2014 — 9:14 pm


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  1. Hi Chris,
    I don’t wish to repeat my points, so please re-read them. I agree that reading any report in here requires ‘interpretation’. If a report were to say “a light blinked” then ‘believers’ would indeed interpret that as a clear ‘light immediately went off for 1…2…3… and come in again, obviously under intelligent control’; whereas those with open minds would consider “a light blinked” as anything on the spectrum from ‘the faintest of quick dimmings’ all the why to the extreme that the ‘believers’ are want to assume.

    The Humans make poor witnesses is an incontravertable fact. As I said, that’s why we have magicians, we we have the term ‘optical illusion’ and why we have sightings of supernatural phenomenon. You say why would the OP report ‘bizarre movement’? Umm firstly that’s your bias manifesting itself. The OP did not suggest anything bizarre… and as a regular satellite spotter (I was with my 6yr old this weekend wrapped up against the cold, deep in the Kent countryside, and I can assure you that the statement originally made in no way conflicts with the perceived path of satellites!!). You seem to think Humans make great witnesses and wouldn’t waste their time making erroneous statements. I agree with the latter, but because of the former people don’t realise their mistakes. To illustrate this just consider that with the application of Science in the form of DNA testing several hundred convictions have been overturned in the last few years alone in the USA. Convictions primarily made based upon witness testimony, including that of that hallowed (at least for UFOlogists) group of extra-special witnesses called ‘Police Officers’. Those witnesses spent time making statements, maybe attending court, and saw people being put in prison. I am sure many were 100% convinced by what they’d seen…but the fact remains that Humans make terrible eyewitnesses and the Human brain makes things up and sees what isn’t there. Read countless popular psychology books, some are very easy to read and fun too, to understand how bad we are at interpreting unusual events. Indeed, I’d strings recommend one of the online ‘Forensic Psychology’ courses that crop up from time to time. The OU do a great one! 🙂

  2. Hi Guys, the only jerks on this site are the die hard believers who grasp at any straws that this is the ultimate proof. Even if you don’t have a hot tub. Look up at a star in the sky look away and then look back. Your brain, will register a movement often a zigzag movement.

    In a hot tub, where you might be resting your head on the rim, your blood pressure is higher due to the water temp and possibly alcohol, will have the same affect. QED Chris. Experience it yourself and then report your experience back please.

    However, watch your jerking it could give the Police drone the wrong idea.

    Sonmi-451 don’t even try to use knowledge and logic on Chris or T Wood they have introverted closed minds to rational explantaions.

  3. “introverted closed minds to rational explantaions.”

    I’m not sure that’s entirely fair, Nemo, although I have seen evidence of it in both. I truly believe that T Wood is of the certain opinion that we are being visited by inter-dimensional beings; that’s fair enough, as millions of people believe in a variety of things for which there is absolutely no evidence. With Chris, I simply get the impression he wants UFO’s to be alien or otherwise in origin, and is a little too wrapped up in the literature that abounds (as I was a number of years ago, before the penny dropped: where is that conclusive, actual, evidential sighting? There isn’t one).

    Some people are prone to dismissing rational explanations, or getting annoyed when they are suggested. At another forum, associated with this one, it was made clear to me, in a round-about but obvious way, that my often sensible, and always opposing, views were quite simply not welcome; the Malaysian airliner didn’t crash in the ocean, as I believed, because it hasn’t been found (it’s a long way down, and there’s a lot of ocean); instead, it must have been flown to a remote island, and over 250 people are being kept in captivity without our knowledge, and all because there were ‘experts’ on the plane. I caused minor (well, actually, quite major) uproar by suggesting that nothing actually landed at Rendlesham, and that it was, in fact, the lighthouse misidentified (given that the sighting was in the actual direction of the lighthouse, which is clearly visible from the site, and that the men saw only one light, when they should, if there was a craft landing with lights, have seen two, this seems pretty sensible to me.) Also, I was to take on board the witness statements of the deputy base commander (a man who couldn’t even get his dates right) yet not that of his direct superior, who observed the operation and saw…nothing! I could state many more, but the fact is I was continually up against people who simply would not listen to reason. It’s frustrating. It’s also a lot of fun!

  4. Sonmi-451. Nice to read an educated mind on this site. I agree with your points a above 100 per cent.

  5. Your right Steve T. The psychology is fascinating.

    I won’t ask what was said about the missing airliner. However, if they think these people are on a remote island being held captive, think again. They would have been disposed of as they got off the aircraft – sorry they would need guarding, housed, food – water, latrines, medicine. No you dispose of them asap they would be a nuisance. Would I do this, if I was of that persuasion yes! Horror! Horror!

    If the aircraft is in the South Indian Ocean, and by the last indication of the engines shutting off and on as the fuel splashed around the tanks it is, it will be a bitch to find because of canyons and ridges.

    The mumbling in the cockpit sounds like pilot hypoxia. There will be YT clips on hypoxia, the first thing that goes is the ability to think straight, brain damage and death.

    In reality and many of the people who subscribe to this site don’t live in this realm, if you want to worry about missing aircraft at least 12 disappeared from Tripoli airport recently. That is why there was a supersonic intercept over Kent recently. The pilot, deadly serious, would have shot it down.

    That is why I laugh and cry when I read of these huge objects being seen in TMA’s Class A, B and C airspace, even on the extended centre line of the runway.

    Even aliens have better sense where the RAF is concerned – they know, unlike other air forces, that they are not gung-ho pilots and properly the best in the world. I don’t worry about aliens, I do worry about the planets some of the contributors to this site live on, because its not the UK, Earth.

    Incidentally if anyone ask me, yet again, have I seen the unusual I have. See my posts please.

  6. Hi somni-451,

    With respect, your first paragraph is full of ‘interpretation’, & what is this word ‘believers’ meant to mean?.

    You say, “those with an open mind”, am I correct in thinking that you consider yourself to have an ‘open mind’?, I take an open mind
    to be just that, were you explore all possibility’s without reaching arriving at a definitive answer, because there is no ‘evidence’ to arrive at any conclusion, only, (as I’ve said),
    an interpretation of the event(s). The problem with that, it’s influenced by one’s ‘belief system’. I have no idea of what was observed, I respectfully disagree your ‘interpretation’ of the sighting, not as a ‘believer’, but because I have never observed
    a ‘satellite’ move in the way described by ‘Sharon P’.

    I understand you don’t agree with my terminology of the word ‘bizarre’ to describe ‘Sharon P’s’ movement of an object she observed, & even if I was to use the word ‘unnatural’ (compared to a satellite’s movement) I doubt that would work either, is that because your ‘open mind’ has decided that what was observed has a ‘rational explanation’ & us ‘believers’ are all fantasists/delusional ;-).

    I can see it now, police officers up & down the country taking witness statements of an event they happened upon, & while the officer is writing down the (miss)information he/she’s thinking to themselves, these people should be on ‘Would I lie to you’ ;-).

  7. But Chris, with the greatest respect as always, an open mind is one that is willing to look at all the possibilities; that is, be they logical and earthly, or alien and unusual. It also follows that an open mind would, by its nature, seek to dismiss the earthly and logical explanations before looking at the alien and unusual ones. You don’t. Therefore, I can’t accept that you – personally – have an open mind when it comes to the UFO phenomenon. I’m more than happy to admit, conversely, that I’m definitely skewed towards the ‘non believer’ camp; why is it you can’t agree that you are clearly aligned the other way? As for:

    “police officers up & down the country taking witness statements of an event they happened upon, & while the officer is writing down the (miss)information he/she’s thinking to themselves, these people should be on ‘Would I lie to you’ ;-).”

    … I would be extremely surprised if such a scenario didn’t happen all the time…….

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