Static Yellow/Orange Light – Hadston NE65 – 03 September 2018 – 22:00hrs

Location Of Sighting :
Hadston NE65
Date Of Sighting :
03 September 2018
Witness Name:
James Doull
Witness Statement
On the evening of Monday 3rd of September 2018 I was standing, looking out of my patio door, whilst enjoying a cigarette. The time was exactly 22:00hrs. My eyes were drawn to what appeared to be a static yellow-orange light over in a South Westerly direction.
Initially I thought it was a star, however I quickly ruled that possibility out on the basis of its colour.
Initially it appeared to be static, however I was viewing it between the sillouhette of two nearby properties and noticed that it moved, very slowly from East to West, over the next 15+ minutes.At that point it disappeared behind the roofline of the house on my Right.
I am aged 74 and have mobility problems, otherwise I would have ventured outside to position my viewpoint in front of my neighbours property in order to track the light.
Since that night I have been visiting friends in Nottingham and Oxfordshire, so I have not had the opportunity to check that area of sky again.
It’s now Friday 7th Sept and tonight I shall investigate once again and report back my findings.
James Doull
Updated: March 5, 2020 — 2:09 pm

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