Stationary Object Above Houses- Heartsease, Norwich-20th February 2017

Location of Sighting: Heartsease, Norwich, UK
Date of Sighting: 20/02/2017
Time: 20:15
Witness Name: Ken Betts
Witness Statement: I was driving from the heartsease estate to my Fathers on Plumstead Est. At first i saw it flying very slowly Eastward, thought it was a plane. As i drove round a bend on the Heartsease est i saw it very close up, motionless above (about 500 Metres) the houses. I was swerving, so i stopped the car Exactly opposite the houses and it was just sitting there motionless, no sound what so ever. It had many different coloured lights all over it. The way i could only describe it is the size of about 3 house roofs. The shape was undescribable, (The only way i could see it was like a giant Meccano set up, only bigger and better. No Not A Helicopter) I have never seen anything like it. I was just amazed at what i was seeing, it sat there all the 2 minutes that i was sitting there. I began to panic because it was as though it was watching me so i began to drive off still looking at it. As i drove away it started slowly going in the opposite direction, Then it was gone. I haven’t spoke to anyone about this as they probably think i was stupid. But i know what i saw, definetly not a plane as i don’t know anything that big and silent that just sits there above houses without making a sound.
I now believe in UFO’s. I did slightly believe in them before but now 100% positive. It was so close up, if i didn’t see it myself i probably wouldn’t believe it.


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Updated: April 1, 2017 — 8:52 pm

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  1. Hi. I work for ITV’s This Morning and we are doing a feature on UFO’s and would love to speak to you about your experience. Please could you email me with your contact details and I can give you a call –


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