Stockport-14th June 2013

Location of Sighting: Stockport, United Kingdom
Date of Sighting: 14 June 2013
Time: 01.20
Witness Name: Chris Andrews

Witness Statement: Hi let me introduce myself first, my name is Chris and I am a paranormal investigator from Stockport and founder of ClubZero Paranormal, I use an open mind and analyse rationally using scientific explanations.
However, in the early hours of this morning Friday June 14 at around 01.20, In my home in Stockport, i decided to go for a cigarette, I smoke from my kitchen window and not in the flat, I live in a block of flats on Lancashire Hill, Stockport.
As I was smoking at my open window, to my right i saw what at first was a light aircraft, strange However as this craft did not have the normal lighting of red and white blinking beacons, instead had lights that shone silver, the aircraft performed a manoeuvre which I would deem impossible, it flew right round in full circle, as it did so, I saw that at the front was 2 silver coloured head lights, close together, the craft turned again allowing me to see it from a different angle, it seemed to have wings like a small aircraft but each had a series of silver lights that where blinking continuously, no red no white just complete silver, the aircraft flew slowly heading towards the town centre and disappeared from view soon after.
Now, strange also was the fact there was no sound at all, no humming no whirring nothing, it conducted manoeuvre I would not of thought possible for a plane, it’s was flashing silver lights, and as planes fly over my home regular, it was not on any flight path that I know of.
I have placed this story on my personal Facebook page to try and gather witnesses and reports, I could not really describe the craft other than what I have written, I have also contacted a friend who deals in UFO type phenomena, however I am not saying it was alien, but I am saying it was certainly something I have never seen before, I would be interested in any info or similar sightings that you come across,
Many thanks for your time.
Chris Andrews


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  1. Hi Chris,
    This is an interesting sighting – my first thought is that this could be one of those remote controlled aircraft that is covered in small LED lights (these are sometimes mistaken for UFO’s!), however, at that time of night, I would hardly have thought that this is likely. The other thought is that a few weeks ago there was a news report of an experimental type of very large wing-spanned, but extremely light unmanned aircraft that is solar powered. As well as daytime it also flies at night to see how long the solar powered batteries will last!! These suggestions may, or may not be what you witnessed! -Paul

  2. By “silver” I get the impression of bright LED type lighting…to be honest I suspect this was one of the many remote controlled craft now available which are the owners often fly at night covered in LEDs.

  3. Chris, I think there is what you might call a Paranormal aspect to genuine UFOs, and they are inter-dimensional in nature.

  4. I can’t get a clear idea of how large this object was. Do you think there’s any chance it was a drone? That would certainly seem to fit with its manoeuvrability.

  5. Hi Chris,

    I know the area well! This sounds very much like some sort of radio controlled craft.

  6. Hi guys
    Thanks for your comments.
    It was too large to be any form of drone of remote craft but certainly smaller than any plane.
    Also, I since contacted Manchester Airport traffic control who state that route is not any flight path and such could pose danger to aircraft on their correct paths landing and take off.
    I watched the craft manouvre then fly away….this was no drone ….certainly not any public craft

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