Stocksbridge,Sheffield-1st July 2012

Location of Sighting: Stocksbridge,SHEFFIELD,SOUTH YORKSHIRE
Date of Sighting: Sunday July 1st 2012
Time: FROM 00:07hrs to 02:57hrs
Witness Name: Stephen Thickett

Witness Statement: rather a detailed report so will give basics written documented report available.
00:07hrs object s otted looks as though it’s falling from sky could be due to its spirralling effect like a tornado.
from 00:14hrs t001:28hrs object is moniterd moving in an easterly direction shape and flashing light colours are confirmed as previouse sightings but lights seem to be pulsating as though signalling to another object. object disappears for 2mins.
01:30 to 02:57 object is monitored moving away slowly over greenmoor area sky cloudy at times but object still visible even when clouds appear.
object still visible and not a star to be seen therefoe it aint a star.object disappears at 02:57hrs


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Updated: January 15, 2013 — 8:07 pm


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  1. I was walking home from work when I noticed a red disc shape towards the sunset, it was over penistone way, I took a photo from burton bank road, Barnsley.

  2. Was driving down stocksbridge bypass a Few year ago , coming down the hill before you can turn left to the traffic lights into deepcar. saw 3 orange “fireball” looking objects falling from the sky. The same colour as the old style lamp posts you used to see on thestreets. They fell right down to the houses at stocksbridge but there was no impact noise. From the time i saw them high in the skiy to the time they fell down to the houses was 2/3 seconds. I actually braced for impact as i was driving, expecting a loud explosion. But there was just silence. The lights were very bright.

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