Stockton on Tees-18th September 2012

Location of Sighting: Stockton on Tees
Date of Sighting: 18/09/2012
Time: 20.45
Witness Name: John

Witness Statement: I went outside to go to shop but looked up as I normally do and seen a satellite crossing the sky, so watched that until it was nearly out of site when all of a sudden something caught my eye, it was coming from my right and was heading north toward the Ursa major, it wasn’t lit up but I could make it out. It looked like a missile and was going very very fast. I’d say at least 1500mph due to the fact that I see planes travelling on a similar flight path high up at altitude. It seemed to be up high, about the sames as a passenger jet. and it never made a sound. Then as it was getting further away it seemed to bank to the left then right. It looked fu***ng awesome pardon my french. After the sighting I went to the shop and came back about ten minutes later. When I got back I stood outside looking around to see if I could see anything else. What I did see was fighter jets, at least two of them,circling the area as if they were looking for something. Very eerie but exciting at the same time. The UFO reminded me of a cruise missile with no lights and no sound.


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Updated: September 19, 2012 — 7:32 pm


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  1. hi i live nr spilsby lincolshire and tonight and last night when iwas out walking the dog i have seen lots of ufo`s and within half an hour of seeing them the fighter jets have appeared like you say looking for something tonight seemed different the jets looked liked they were making an appearance cos they flew in front of the ufo`s as if to say we see you after 2 hours of this i had to come in it was getting cold that was 10 pm lolly1333

  2. Myself and a group of my friend’s noticed one bright light dropping thousand’s of feet over stapleton nr darlington,it then stopped suddenly and whipped off in an arc type motion at speed’s we had all never seen,we decided we wouldn’t mention it as people would think we were cracker’s,it was about 10yr’s ago but it still bug’s me!!absolutely crazy that’s all I can say.

  3. Lolly, how many UFOs do you see on average a week?

  4. Mr A Lamont – I’ve seen a UFO (Flying Triangle)over Stapleton late last year. It was part of a series of sightings/experiences I’ve had since November 2011 and probably the most spectacular. I’m also aware of one other person having a sighting there recently.

    Are you from Darlo?

  5. Northernstar-Its the only thing ive seen and my friends that was like THAT!!Definately unexplainable,Im not a spotter or anything,it was just luck we were driving down the bypass at about 12.30am one saturday morning toward,s blackwell bridge.If thats any help…..

  6. This is the closest thing I could find that the object I saw resembled…

  7. I imagine you may have seen a military UAV (unmanned areal vehicle) that would explain the jets but if not tuen thats unreal woo 🙂

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