Stockwell, South London-6th June 2009

Location of Sighting: Stockwell -South London
Date of Sighting: 6th June 2009
Time: 11-11:30pm
Witness Name: Jade and Karan Papples

Witness Statement: We were walking home from stockweel station on our way back from the theatre. Karan suddenly said “Jade what the hell is that?” I looked in the direction he ws pointing, fairly high in the sky was a bright orange light, in the shape of a cross. I can only describe it as a giant orange star. It was about 50 times bigger than the size that star normally look at night. It was moving across the sky at a a moderate pace, fairly irregularly almost hovering. It suddenly began to pick up speed and seemed to travel higher at the same time as moving westwards, we started running to follow it down the road but it got smaller and less bright and then it vanished.

It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen, so unexplainable. I didn’t believe in this stuff until yesterday!!!

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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