Stockwell, South West London-6th June 2009

Location of Sighting:  Stockwell , South West London
Date of Sighting: 6th June 2009
Time: about 10.30am
Witness Name: Y.A

Witness Statement: I was closing my window and saw a bright orange fiery light in the sky – the shape was unusual sausage shaped with the ends turning up; It was still in the sky for about 5seconds. I could not believe what I was seeing at first thought it the light bulb relecting in the window glass. I opened the window further to get a clear view. The light travelled very fast towards the south Lambeth road, wandsworth rd area.
There was no noise omitted from the object – we have aircraft/helicopters flying over which make a great of noise.. there was nothing from it and also it travelled very fast; as we have aircraft flying over the building regularly i can judge that the object was much faster.
The sky was very cloudy and the object stood out. ten mins later an aircraft was flying in the sky, as usual there was a faint light at the front of the plane and alternating tail lights could be seen at the back..which is normal. I have never seen such a phenomina such as this, there is no way it could have been a shooting star etc as there sky was think with cloud and the object was very bright and large.

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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