Strange Light, Southport Airshow, Merseyside, 8th July

Location of Sighting: Southport airshow
Date of Sighting: 8th july
Time: About 3 pm
Witness Name: Paul waterson
Witness Statement: Me and my family went to the airshow in Southport,I was watching two planes doing their stuff in the air then I saw a strange light.i took my binoculars and I couldn’t believe what I saw!i said to people on my left and right can you see that strange minute I could see people to my left and right looking at it.
It was way up high and it must have been huge because an airliner jet passed under it and they fly at 35,000 feet,and the object was 3 x bigger than the definitely passed under the ufo though.ive been waiting to see something like this all my life!
It was shaped like a slightly stretched halo ,it looked like a lit up football stadium in the sky.when I first spotted it it was coming towards me right above my head,way up and then travelled in a straight line from front to back.

Updated: July 19, 2018 — 10:52 am

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