String Of Lights Travelling West To East – Stafford-29th November 2019

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Has anyone else seen the strange string of lights travelling from West to East high in the sky? At first I thought it was a satellite, as the sun can make them glint in the sky, which makes them look like a moving star. It travelled rapidly and was closely followed by another light, then another. There must have been at least 50 of them all seemingly following the same trajectory, one behind the other with an even gap between them. One even overtook the light in front of it. This went on for approximately 10 to 15 min.

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Updated: November 29, 2019 — 2:56 pm


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  1. Yes I seen these at 6.20 this morning scraping ice from my wind screen looked up at the starry skies noticed 3 lights close together moving west to east one of them moved in front then I noticed another behind then another then another must been at least 40/50 I called the man who was in the yard of his shop he also seen them I’f these are ours I would like to know what they were it was unbelievable

  2. 6.55 just saw the same thing perfect strait line

  3. Just saw the same thing in York 0630 3/12/19.
    RAF maybe?

  4. Yesterday morning (2nd December 2019) at 6.15am, I saw approximately 15 lights which looked like stars or satellites travelling across the sky in a straight line, one behind the other. Not sure of the direction, all I can say is that the Big Dipper was upside down and they were underneath it and travelling at speed. They appeared one after the other and continued to do so for approximately 2 or 3 minutes. This was viewed from my garden in a village south of Guildford, Surrey. Did anyone ese see it?

  5. Lisa

    “the Big Dipper was upside down” – what do you mean by this?

  6. I have seen the same thing ,20 to 25 lights moving Fast and spaced about 5 miles apart at high altitude,ithe time was about 6pm Sunday 19th Jan 2020 dark and clear night it must of lasted about 20 minute .amazing sight , it was so clear they just came from the west and disappeared to the east, I was looking south over the Thames river, very strange, they have been seen on many different dates . might be some type of high altitude weather balloons hopefully.

  7. Tim, this is most likely Starlink, the internet satellite project that is currently underway.

  8. i saw a string of lights travelling very high up,evenly spaced,lit up but not emanating a light,seemedto be travelling slowly,counted maybe 40 of them…NOT aircraft,lots of them close together!!

  9. Linda, as above, this is the Starlink satellite ‘train’. You’ll see more of them as they are launched.

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