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  1. I was shocked at how close the object was to the plane, were I live there are planes coming over all the time so I no it was no plane or lantern

  2. Fri 25th Oct 2013 I am Currently having a weekend away in skegness by golden palm resort at approximatly 8:15 pm decided to go with friends and family for a walk along the beach front whilst there noticed the bright lights from fantasy island area then as looked toward the sea saw a shooting star half of us noticed it other half missed it almost 5 minutes later let off a fountain firework or 2 and as the firework died me and 2 others noticed something approching fast in the air not far above our heads as we looked it was see thru / jelly like the only reason we saw it was because of the lights in the distance it just caught our attention but couldnt see a shape it was a matter of 1-2 seconds and headed toward the sea and as quick as it came it disappeared i was in shock gasp oohhhh at what i saw and wasnt the only one who witnessed this strange event and as i/we who saw it tried to see it in the distance could only see normal plane lights flashing in the sky maybe it was a ufo trying to disguise itself as a plane in the distance as we spotted it and blew its cover.
    BTW this time last year was setting a few fireworks off at scammendon damn by huddersfield/halifax area again saw a shooting star it was on tv as it was a big shooting star and was seen allover the UK anyway seconds later noticed in the distance a truangle type ufo followed the roads towards it as we got almost under it could see truangle shape no lights and no sound very strange the ppl i was with wanted me to getaway fast but it suddenly flew off but again in distance it flashed red blue like a plane???
    Day after was looking up triangle planes and saw test were being done around that times dates so just weird really nether thought bout ufos but TONIGHT I SAY TO ALL AFTER WHAT I SAW UNLESS GOVERNMENT DOING EXPERIMENTS WITHOUT US KNOWING THEN I CAN NOW SAY PPL WE ARE NOT ALONE… or being watched by someone or SOMETHING….

  3. We were walking along to a lake and we stood on a bridge looking at the stars then we noticed what we thought was a lantern because it was orange/red and hoovered in the sae spot for ten to fithteen Minutes then it moved by a tiny fraction back and forth then started drifting south east then changed direction to east (towards sheppey) and it drifted right over us it was a mile high at maximum ans the sound it gave off went through us like a bass vobration in a car but it constantly changed frequency I started at the bottom of it and it was like only half of it was visible and an unmistakable cloud (the sky was clear) after it left pretty much followed us for 2 minutes then dissapeared … And heading east it would of been going towards Essex and then hearing it came in from the sea over in Holland .. Which is east from where I am.. Coincidense? I highly doubt it.

  4. I was driving East car on the A1035 at 13.35hrs on the 11/01/2014 the weather was sunny, no cloud just blue sky with a full moon at about a 20 deg elevation aprox., East South East. My eye was drawn to an object which seemed to just appear in an area below the moon to the right hand side of the road. Because it was rather small it was difficult to know precisely what it was. At first I thought it was an aircraft but it was unusual as I could see no wings or vapour trail. Its odd appearance, a whitish slightly elongated oval shape with a dark angled line along part of the upper front surface of the object, travelling North at the pace of a light aircraft. The sun was behind me and to the right and as it moved from right to left I thought that if it was an aircraft that the sun’s reflection was maybe masking the wing profile. However no wing became visible. Then my line of sight was interrupted by a stand of trees to the left of the road and I momentarily lost sight for a few seconds. When I cleared the trees it was no longer in sight – I fully expected to see it since it could not have gone far in such a short time so it must have accelerated at a ridiculous rate or it just vanished into thin air.
    I report this as Late last Summer I photographed a UFO in the same area and several years ago saw (along with others) a “Steven Spielberg” type craft with multicoloured lights going East very low in the sky. When the Government released the UFO reports I checked and found it had been reported by others indeed a friend of mine said to me that he witnessed it that night crossing the East coast South of Bridlington.
    I am 63 yrs old, an avid landscape and wildlife photographer and not given to flights of fancy. I am also rather long sighted maybe that is why I have seen so many unusual aerial activities over the years (plus I always have a weather eye on the sky)

  5. I was looking up at a airplane travelling West at probably 10,000 ft and watching the vapour trails disappear fairly (quickly 2/3 secs) after the plane. As it was nearing to pass overhead (perhaps another 20/30 secs) I noticed a bright object perhaps 1-2 miles South of where the plane had passed. At first I thought it was another plane, with the sun (rising from the East) under lighting the craft. I then realised it was completely static and had no trails, vapours from any direction. I could guess it was at a similar altitude as the plane but appeared possibly twice the size. It was elliptical and I would have to guess metallic or chrome as it it’s brightness was definitely the reflection of the Sun on it’s underbelly. I thought for a moment it was instead a satellite and waited for it to slowly move away, instead it moved E/NE with a small burst. It was almost immediately out of sight/vision and I scanned its line of trajectory there was nothing at all. Drawing my eye back to the point I had noticed it at first I saw a fine, thin vapour like trial which was gone within a moment. Very unusual as the sky was pretty clear, blue backdrop and I absolutely would have noticed this coming into view as I had been moments earlier watching the passing plane. It seemed to appear without notice, then after perhaps 10-15 seconds after I witnessed it, it moved quickly (I’d say about 5-6 times quicker than the aircraft) and was gone. Aside from the object being completely static and exceptionally bright, the strangest observation was the fact that within seconds of moving, it was no longer in sight. This was baffling as it did not ‘zip away’ at daft speeds but instead moved with a short burst, enough for me to assume I could follow it’s path but instead it was gone. Very strange indeed. Had it not been for the fine and short lives vapour trail I would have assumed a satellite being lit by the sun.
    I can’t say what it was but as an avid attendee of air shows having and a decent knowledge of aircraft, this has me a little stumped. Time 8.30 am, Glasgow City, facing East.

  6. I have a video of 6-10 orange lights travelling south to north at 18:30 on the 1/3/2014 in Bugbrooke, northamptonshire

    All uniformly spaced. Do not believe they are Chinese lanterns but who knows?

  7. We were driving though Shrewsbury Town on our way to Male Brace roundabout when we both noticed a big bright white light, hovering in the distance towards Bayston Hill. this continued for about an hour, this bright light was Very bright, and in parts the light was getting brighter and brighter then back to its original state, it wasn’t making drastic or quick movements, but was hovering and moving very slowly, I would say this UFO was flying about 2000FT. then we mist sight of the object while driving back toward the center of Shrewsbury, I know what a plane or helicopter looks like at night, this object didn’t have a strobe light and was way too big to be a radio controlled Drone and definitely NOT a Japanese Lantern, I have good video footage to back this up.

  8. At 20:17 I looked out of back window and seen a bright light flashing on and off, I would estimate it was above the clouds very clear night only a few clouds, it was behind the big and only big cloud in the sky at that time , it was visible for about five minutes then it just vanished. It was seen over
    Bournville area, towards selly oak – Stirchley On my compass it was over area SE127 Seen on the 22/3/14 .

  9. I just noticed two craft flying at high altitude flying in unison. A dark clear night and no sound. Headed North, so not a usual pass over direction by satellites. The objects were certainly much lower than any satellite I’ve witnessed and the fact there were two travelling at the exact speed In the same direction seemed a bit questionable..
    Speed of travel appeared to be many times quicker than that of a jet, and as I say no noise!

  10. I live in blackburn when i came back from gym to home i saw i big red light coming from cloud and with thousand of mile speed coming to middle of the town and landing some were is factory and warehouses and when object want landing object switch light off it was very bright red light near to pink and i cant c anything after that …. I swear to god its was a ufo !!!

  11. I was looking out the window as I’d not long closed the window. And I saw what looked like a star twinkling but as I kept looking I could see that it was to near, fast and bright to be a star. So I thought maybe a helicopter or plane and kept watching. It kept flashing and looked like it was hovering,, I really just kept watching it to see if it was just an angle it was flying at, but it moved to the left a little and then back.
    I also thought I saw movement out of the corner of my eye do
    Something moving quick and leaving a red faint trace in the air,, soon as it was there it had gone.
    Very strange.. The lights looked like they were rolling up and around, that was what was giving the twinkling effect. I then shut the curtains because I got a bit freaked by the whole thing.
    I am in work and work as a support worker so do night sleep overs. This is my first pretty real sighting.

  12. I can’t still believe what I just saw 9 objects at hih

  13. 9 bright objects weaving out and in of each other changing direction then I saw 2 shooting stars as they disappeared towards birmingham I still can’t believe what I’ve just seen

  14. This is my 1st time on site can’t believe how many similar sightings to what I’ve seen in last few weeks I thought I was going nuts.a fortnight ago I saw large shooting star and a few seconds later a large triangular shape that was there then not.last night at 9.50pm I spotted v spade glowing red thing in sky moving at speed over glasgow.

  15. Sorry shape not spade

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