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  1. OMG, their here. I’m really worried about this. We have this massive sighting over Swindon and now this. Were doomed. Doomed I tell you. Or, we’ll be slaves to these beings like the Tripods or eaten or worse.

    If you don’t believe me look at these links from the Urals and Brazil:

    What are the authorities doing about this? How are they protecting us?

  2. I was watching tonight’s Broadchurch, and i noticed while Tennant and Miller are walking on the beach, a bright object on the mid lower part of the sky flashed and streaked behind a cloud it was not a plane.

  3. I have contacted about my recent sighting but they are yet to reply. I feel lost and alone in this cruel world of none believers.

    I was on a walk with my dog (tony) and best friend Dave while looking for the infamous brown Croglin Grange vampire, but little did we know that we’d be witnessing the supernatural of a different kind! suddenly, a bright light fell from the sky. naturally, we ran. PLEASE REPLY!! <3 oxoxoxox

  4. rabelieve in ufos and im buzzing to realise there is other life out there. ive seen 5 incidents tonight whilst looking directly up at the sky on hessle foreshore at the humber bridge. I sawthese shapes flying by grey coloured looked like old vulcan planes (triangle shaped) but then they just changed into lights then disapeared. it was amazing. everyone who i tell is going to think im mad but i dont care I know the trueth. I just hope our ignorance to the fact doesnt come bite us in the bum in our future by them deciding to just invade our planet

  5. I was closing my local curry establishment on the 20th March when suddenly a bright triangular object appeared in the sky above. The next thing I knew I was in the centre of my local precinct 3 days later naked with strange puncture marks, about half an inch deep, covering my body, with no recollection of what had happened in the previous 3 days. I have contacted the local authorities and they have been of no help whatsoever. I believe whoever or whatever kidnapped me will return, as after returning home I have witnessed more strange lights in the sky seeming to observe my house from a distance.

  6. I was at My children’s Shcool and I saw this weird car thing but a second later it turned into a UFO I asked my friend did she see it and she said “yes” I was shocked we looked all over the play ground for a few mins then behind the fence we saw a alien head me and my friend ran as we were so scared

  7. Kip pax Leeds 10.30 at night saw a light pass left to right across window was summer so had curtains drawn back window open got out of bed saw bright red pulsating light similar to a Catherine wheel almost it was the underside of a disc rotating like it was on its side going clockwise then it shot off within two seconds leaving a vapour trail could not believe what I was seeing I am 60years old and I do not fabricate stories but after what I witnessed I now know something is happening beyond our control
    After this had happened I stood in disbelief looking into the sky and saw a large triangular craft very high in the sky with bright lights on it then within a second it was gone
    Something very weird is going on it was unnerving and I don’t wish to witness this again
    This is not a fabrication and I feel silly telling you what happened but it is really true

  8. I was walking home from my girlfriends house having missed my bus when I got to the end of my street when everything seemed oddly bright I looked up and there was what looked like an unusually bright star after about two seconds of looking at it it seemed to slowly drift to the right before rapidly speeding off in a slightly curved line before vanishing normally I would just dismiss this but I saw the same thing whilst walking through efford with my cousin and sister we all saw it do exactly the same drift slightly to the right then speed off in a curved line if anyone can explain this I would be great help

  9. (16/2/16)At 6:12 this morning i was walking to the train station and observed 3 lights high in the sky/edge of space even… that kind of height, they were travelling north to south. All three were flying a bit “drunk” or “irregular” lol. The one in the center of the formation and the one on the right looked as if they were playing swapping places and weaving in and out. I have seen a few satts when walking through the park and countless planes but this was like no sattelight or conventinal craft. I live on omdurman street, swindon, sn2 1ha, the park is at the south end of the road and always a good stargazing area as its dark, no lights what so ever. The three ufos were just dull lights, yellow/white in colour and way to high to get a photo or video of.. besides that i only see them for maybe 10-15seconds, they where travelling at considerable speed if they where as high as they seemed to be, maybe 2 times that of a 747 seen from the ground. I hope this was informative and if i missed something please contact me.

  10. I travelled through oxford on sunday night. 14/2/2016. I stopped in the tesco garage near the marks and spencers garage. I looked up to see three bright triangular white lights hovering silently and moving extremely slowly. It was about 50 metres high and as big as the garage in size. There was also a red light. I have been to many air shows but never seen anything move like this.

    it has freaked me out and im glad im not the only one to have seen this.
    Im sure theres a logical explanation and like to believe that there is.

  11. I know its a bit late but have seen the same thing again inthe last few weeks. But about 6 years ago i was leaving work around 2230hr and noticed a large shape over a house at the end of the car park about 100yds away. It was 50p shaped with no lights and silent but due to the moon light i could the whole thing. I watched for about a minute the n the craft changed position and a thin light across it came on. It then moved towards me tilted to flat and flew away .as it passed over head a faint chemical smell came down with heat and it then headed in an eastly direction over fields and disappered into the nigh sky. As i said at the start i saw the same shaped object a few weeks back about 5 mile from first sighting.if intrested first sighting was Bulphan Essex second was Corringham Essex.

  12. There were four of us standing in my back garden smoking. As I was loozing up in the night sky it was about 21.50 I saw two bright white objects approaching each other and then spun around each other a couple of times and then left in opposite directions to which they came.I quickly pointed this out to the other people present and they witnessed what I saw. There were other aircraft in the skies at the time but none of them looked like these two objects. There were no flashing lights like the normal planes you see at night, just two bright white lights and they were quite high up. I don\’t know how high exactly but I would say approximately around the same height as other air traffic. Unfortunately none of us had our phones on us to take pictures or videos of it and it all happened so quick but I\’ve never seen anything like it before! I just thought someone should know about this incident.

  13. I know a woman who claims to have actually seen and reported to the police, a UFO low in the sky, in daylight, some years ago, abroad over her local area, as large as life! She is utterly convincing and of sober character. She also vanished one day, not right before my eyes but very nearly. She had left my friends place at the same time I was cycling up the road with my other friend. We saw her miss her turn. Surprised we watched to see what would transpire, she approached the fourth house and entered the driveway after rounding the corner of a high fence adjacent to a residential property. We were behind her and know how she fits in well enough to know that this was not meant to be. It seemed so odd that I kept my eyes firmly fixed on her last sighting in case she came backbtowards us around the fence. There was no other way out other than to pass us. A quiet area, in daytime, I could see and hear anything.

    She walked confidentally into the driveway of a house, the residents of which she does not (by her friend’s account) know! “Where did she go”? Thinking her lost, but finding that hard to believe as she visited the same road every week to see my friend, I just knew it didn’t “smell right” but approached the house. Years ago I would have been concerned to have been seen by her, as if snooping, following. I reconciled this angst by thinking of it as “helpful”, to steer her the way I knew she was meant to be going. I had not yet taken my eyes from where she was last seen, except to glance around for her just in case of some uknown exit through a neighbours garden! I was only out of full view range for a moment as the minute I could see around that tall fence,it was clear she had vanished and the only way out of the area was past my friend and I! “Why had she even turned the wrong way before reaching this house anyway”? I had expected her to turn around realising her mistake. When she tucked in behind the fence, I was so curious because I felt I knew my friend ‘should’ have no clue of this. She was nowhere to be seen! Now I had “something solid between my teeth”.

    I don’t think I will ever fully resolve this in my mind. However, I suppose it is remotely possible she did know a person at that house, unbeknownst to our mutual friend… I suppose, but I doubt it very, very much.

    When next I saw our mtual friend, I told her of it and her reaction was nonchalant. She thought her friend must have become disorientated and made a simple error and said, “she must have lost her way, that’s all, she’s a bit like that!” I pushed further saying, “No you don’t understand… She never reappeared from that property, does she possibly know someone there without you realising”? The reply was, “No, nobody there”. Again, it was brushed aside as though it made so little sense to her knowledge of her friend, that it couldn’t be true, there must have been some mistake in observation, but there was none. My companion friend witnessed as I witnessed.

    I left it at that, in case the “mutual friend” I was explaining it to, knew more than she wished to say, for what ever the reason!

    Are you “creeped out” yet? It still “creeps me out”. The way this woman, my friend’s friend tucked in behind the high corner fence, did not, to my sharp eye and mind place her on a naturally direct course for the front door which in fairness I have to add, was just obscured by the fence and there is an exterior sideway door which I felt, if any used, that was the one. Somehow with that tucking in as if serupticious, my good instinct and every bone in my body tells me no door was used, yet she vanished.

    I approached the house moments later, not leaving it too long as I felt I already knew how this strange event was going to end, that being a mystery and no subject returning toward us. I was right. It was silent and felt undisturbed, as if no one home. I yurned to make immediate enquiries at the doors. I even tried the sideway door, locked. I dont mind telling you… I was a little aprehensive to knock in case I too “vanished”. My accompanying friend and I left, perplexed.

    As expected, the subject telephoned our mutal friend that evening, so she was well and safe, (another aspect I began to realise not to lose sight of).

    Maybe one day I’ll be “Michael Pane, nosey neighbour” and go to ask if she is known at that address. I know she doesn’t live there and if our mutual friend knew anything, she was not telling me of it, but if I had asked there at the mystery house, then how on Earth would I explain my reason for asking? It could come off as if I know a trespasser! Then I’d be answering the questions instead of asking them!

    Okay, now that I’ve posted my little story, how long do you expect it will be before I start noticing the infamous ‘men in black’ following me? If they be reading this and in case it reassures them, this incident / observation happened already a few years ago.

    Now a seperate story of a possible U.F.O. image capture, though vague. The evening before the Tour De France – U.K. leg, I inadvertently captured a distant object in the sky in daylight while shooting a hovering police helicopter and a stunning double rainbow. No… The pretty rainbow is not in the UFO shot as you serious investigators may have feared, it wouldn’t need to be as sadly the object is so small, far away, zoomed in on and expanded post shoot on my screen that no pretty and exciting arty photo of a U.F.O. is possible.

    Anomoly.. I dont think so. The U_O / unidentified Object was so far out, that I didn’t see it until I was examining my shots later and just happened to try to crop in on the ‘chopper’ and rainbow. That’s how I noticed a sharp but grainy spec . Always open to the idea there is more to our universe than meets our eyes, I zoomed in further; “What had I captured”? It is not the sought off anomoly I would expect due to digital photography.

    Though small and faint in frame, to the trained eye, it has form to it, it has presence, it may have a tube like or oblong shape to it. One shape description we’ve all heard before became a possibility, cigar shaped. It also if anything at all, would fit being the description of the object described by the vanishing friend of a friend, (if you recall, as above, I mentioned she experienced witnessing a U.F.O. low in the sky in daytime. Ah! Mine was also in daytime…

    (Maybe it was finding a good lerking spot for the race! Well one thinks of these things if stringing things together to make a probability and one might think; what if these were one and the same craft from space and time, are humans from the future, not as far fetched as one might first imagine according to Prof. Albert Einstein. They might indeed be here to observe some live events, as they happen, in their past, various historic events. No doubt it’ll only be the enormously wealthy who can afford such a treat.

    If a craft, the passenger list may even have included a rehydrated brain named Richard Branson in a replacement body, say… An athlete who has not been born yet, but with great hair, or a completely synthetic, or synth/bio body form, as a vehicle and vessel for the brain. Let’s just hope it wasn’t D. Tramp, surveying yet again for a wall he never got built, but this time in a different area, between different races, say the Scottish and English, you can decide from which side he may have been speculating back in his past after some “rehydration”).

    If only I had seen it at the time of shooting and if it were closer, a lot closer.

    It will probably be impossible to determine anything from my image, but I know imagery pretty well and for me, there’s something more than a digital pixel anomoly there, there’s too many pixels in it, to my mind. Maybe I’ll isolate it by cropping I mean and post it one of these days. Thanks for reading, happy hunting ufologists.

  14. Looking in the sky (northerly direction) my attention was focused on a star in the night sky appearing to glow bright and increase in light intensity before fading to a lower light intensity whereby a second star like object was observed in close proximity to the first one. At first it appeared that both objects were stars in the night sky as they looked no different to the other stars in terms of brightness and diameter however they moved simultaneously together in a south easterly direction for around a minute. I dismissed both as satellites however one changed direction moving in a north westerly direction toward Bartley green and the other moved in an easterly direction. Both were silent and to look up you would not have noticed as they looked exactly like the other stars in the night sky!

  15. It would be great if the mobile photos and video could be enhanced.

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