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  1. Tamworth, Staffordshire, England 22:30 on 22.8.2016.
    Four large, ‘cloud-like’ but very bright and with very definite, smooth edges, pale blue- white lights.
    Moving quickly and in a regular pattern, straight lines forming a kind of diamond shape, occasionally disappearing for a few seconds before reappearing and dancing across the sky in the same pattern.
    I am not someone who has ever believed in or wished to believe in ‘strange things in the sky’ or UFO stories, but I am completely at a loss as to what these lights were.
    Also, beyond frustrated that there are apparently no other reported sightings.

  2. Sounds laser-like Ms Fielding

  3. derbyshire 23;41 i came out from my mamars late that night to look up at the sky briefly and i saw a bright blueish light fly by very fast i did ring the police as i didnt know what to do i got an impression they thought i was nuts

  4. It was 3 yrs ago oct/nov driving up the wisp in Edinburgh to my left and around 200/300 meters away on the ground was a large blue circle it was about 200ft in length & 200 in width electric blue in colour this was about 4 4:30p.m i kept on saying to myself what is that I then put my main beam lights on and it took off straight up at unbelievable speed and all I kept on saying say to myself was what the fxxk was that I know what I saw and the speed of it the size of it it wasn’t from this world

  5. Slow moving dark coloured craft moving
    Eastwards from North West London area. I saw it in Edmonton. No lights on craft seen but it had a very bright orange fiery plume from the back which was very visible. No sound heard. I would estimate altitude at around 15,000 feet. The orange fiery plume suddenly switched off and craft could still be seen heading East. Watched it for several minutes.

  6. Sorry I put rong year on my one it was 30.9.15 did end one see my ufo?

  7. Like I said before it was a large disc black with white plasma cloud piching form side to side with which plasma vapor trades of its edges this was the real deal it was over sidforddevon. It looked large the plasma cloud looked like white flames on a custom car this is the real deal thanks for reading my post.

  8. But Talk Is Cheap Were Are The Pictures Evidence Video Camera, I Have Pics With Full Camera Pic Data.Posted On My Facebook. To Prove Aliens Are Helping Me, I Was Pestered By Aliens, So I Ask St Barbara For Help To Rid These Creatures From My Flat She Was Obligated To Help Me, And She Guided Me To A CAT S 60 Thermal Imaging Camara Phone,It As Nine Thermal Settings, All Life Forms Leave A Trace Warm Or Cold, As You Feel A Entity, For Six Weeks All Evil As Left My Flat, These Aliens Don’t Like Exposure, But Neither Do Gov, So Pictures Are Disallowed. But I Will Try To E Mail Microsoft Disallowed Me E Mailing. Peter Gore Seer.

  9. it’s obvious that UFOs have the energy to travel at high speeds, and its fair to say they come and go to this planet many times. Yet why then, can;t we detect this?
    Our defence systems in space can’t detect something travelling at high speeds?
    What a bad state our planet’s in.

  10. Charles Henderson

    Frome area above Clee Hill area Horningsham, Gare Hill, driving down A361light travelling up and down vertically very quickly or possibly a vertical column of light, I was driving at the time with family so difficult to stop and view from a standstill, I was also desperate for the loo. Next viewing a few seconds later in the same position further along the road the light was static and a few seconds later was moving in swooping sideways movement. I couldn’t see after that as we were driving in to Frome town and light was obscured by treees. No footage taken and witnessed by both myself and my partner.

  11. I was at seisdon one nite in 1993 at about 8.30 in the evening I was taking a short cut home across a field and it was dark and when I looked up there was a triangular craft just flouting above me with no sound and it was about half the size of a football field and it made no sound at all it was just above tree top level and it shon a beam of light on the ground into the next field and it made all the lights came on at the machinery in the quarry in a field near by and I just ran home so I was apart of the Cosford incident that night. over the years ive often wondered what was it looking for in a field in seisdon when I first saw it that night I just new that the craft was from a different plannet. I wish I had not of seen it cos now I no there is something els out there. it was in the papers the next day but ive stayed quiet till now.when I saw it above me it seemed that I froze for about ten minuits cos I could not move my body just my neck. I don’t care if you don’t believe me cos I saw what I saw . john

  12. Mr &mrs Sanjit Biswas

    I have been out in the garden tonight 7-5-2020 another clear night I live in England north in Yorkshire Coulby Newham Middlesbrough Ts8 0td United Kingdom time was 23:20 7-5-2020 almost 2 weeks weeks to the day but later in the evening by 1 hour I noticed a star moved right the above my self and only for 5 -6-7 seconds then stopped stationary in the sky above my house in Coulby Newham Ts8 0td U.K and is still there now although it is a brighter star so could be at s lower altitude as it’s brightness would confer . Is this some way connected to my previous sighting 2 weeks ago? I hopefully wait for other sightings in this same area at times and dates already listed Please help me ,the star has settled now into what looks like its resting place But does look unusually strange in its final star constellation thank you Southwest by Orion’s Belt 10,000 miles now in the sky above me

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