Summertown, Oxford-23rd April 2011

Location of Sighting: Summertown, Oxford
Date of Sighting: 23rd April 2011
Time: 8:50 approx
Witness Name: N. Roberts

Witness Statement: Very bright white light seen travelling west to east – bigger than a large star – no sound or navigation lights and constant brightness. Passed behind broken clouds to the east. Appeared to be high altitude and fast moving – too big for a satellite? Did not look like an aeroplane catching the sun either as it was well after sundown.


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Updated: April 24, 2011 — 9:48 pm


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  1. Two independent witnesses can verify this sighting as described above.

    Seemed too big to be a satelite.

  2. Very similar in description to Summertown Oxford sighting. West to east. High altitude fast moving. Seemed too big for satellite. Occurred Sunday 24th April 2011 circa 10:40p.m. Newry Northern Ireland.

  3. I also saw a bright white light moving from west to east, exactly the same as Oxfordshire description I live in Batley Leeds, and saw it about 9pm 22nd 0f April 2011 I also saw it again on the 24th of April 2011 about 10pm no sound,no flashing lights just moving but the wierdest thing was the fact that it swayed every now and again and seemed to slow down but it couldn’t be a fire lantern as they glow orange and this was like a bright white star but bigger, in addition to this I’ve seen satalites and they are much dimmer when you see them and incapable of swaying like this object.

  4. The International space station has been making a couple of passes over the past few nights, Sounds like thats what you saw!.

  5. hi, i think what you saw was the international space station, check out the website

  6. I think you will find that it was the ISS (international Space Station. It’s visable again on 26-4-11 at 2018 and 2253

  7. My wife & I were standing in the back garden at night about a week ago when the above were reported. We live in Newtownabbey outside Belfast in NI.
    We both have seen satelites before and planes of all sizes.
    This night we watched what appeared to be a bright white light moving west to east. At closer inspection I thought I saw 6 lights in close formation almost forming a single glow.
    I would estimate height to be around 2-4000ft high maximum,distance 0.5-0.75 mile maximum, travelling slower than an aircraft, no navigation lights or sound. We watched it for about 1-2 minutes. It moved at a fairly level height but in last 10-20 seconds of sighting increased height (not speed) and disapeared through clouds. Brightness remained constant throughout. An aircraft light brightness would have changed as it manouvered but not this. Very strange…

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