Surbiton, Surrey-Around 1974-75

Location of Sighting: Surbiton, Surrey
Date of Sighting: Around 1974-75
Time: Early morning, about 7.30a.m.
Witness Name: Jackie

Witness Statement: I was out walking my dog in a residential area down an alley near Surbiton, Surrey. I was about 10 years old, I remember hearing a whirring noise, looking up and seeing about 400ft up above, a UFO which seemed to be hovering. It was circular with a dome on top and windows around it and obviously, very large as it was so close. I looked away for a second, looked up and it was moving away. I still know after all this time, I definitely saw it. Did anyone else see it?


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Updated: August 17, 2009 — 8:13 pm

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  1. I saw a UFO near Surbiton yesterday. Was oval shaped and black

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