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Dear all UFO enthusiasts,
My name is Sherrie a year ago, i said i wanted to set up a Surrey based UFO club. I apologise i did not follow up such a statement as i personally had a lot going on. It us only till now i have seen the real need for a Surrey UFO club whoever would like to collaborate on this please email me

Updated: January 4, 2012 — 8:58 pm


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  1. Tue 3/01/12 my son and his friend saw a pointy rugby ball shape in the sky over the area towards the Breacon Becons glowed Bright and green then dissapeared light up low cloud no explination!

  2. As Sherrie has stated that she is a bit techno-phobic I have taken the liberty of setting up a wordpress page for the group that is forming. Apologies but I have come up with a name ‘Surrey UFO Organisation’ mainly because the acronym SUFOO rolls off the tongue better than SUFOG (Surrey UFO Group).

    Site link:

    I’ve let Sherrie know but so far no word from her. If you’d like to register interest in joining the organisation (obviously e-mail Sherrie in the first instance)but a simple registration form will be available on the site.

  3. my freind was driving home from warlingham we re\ached shirley and noticed 2 bright orange orb shaped object moving at aslow steady pace back toward the morning we met for football and i told some freinds wwhat i had seen two freinds said they witnessed 5 in the shape on a dice first in south norwood ,3 in addiscombe and we saw 2 in shirley the man who saw three said he saw one leave the area rapidley behind some clouds this was a year ago and this week a freind saw the same bright orange orbs this week not the first time these lights have been seen.

  4. hi Sherrie, did you ever get the group set up ?

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