Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire-5th June 2012

Location of Sighting: Sutton bridge
Date of Sighting: 05 June 2012
Time: 02:30 am
Witness Name: Chris Gilbert

Witness Statement: I was awoken by some barking dogs at approx 2:30 am. The barking was incessant; this lead me to get out of bed and take a look out of the window. As I peered into the sky I noticed what looked like a dun-coloured planet. I thought this looked odd so I put on my eye glasses to aid my inspection. It was then that, to my disconsolation, the sphere appeared to be moving toward me. I felt uneasy about this as I also noticed a rather disturbing humming noise coming from outside. I decided to return to bed, but was weirdly compelled to remain watching the airborne sphere. I realised that the barking which had awoken me had ceased, but that the strange humming was growing louder. I wondered if the whole village had been woken by the humming. The sphere was still moving towards me, but very slowly. As I stood transfixed by this spectacle I realised I was suffering from a kind of apoplexy. I then wondered if I was actually asleep. I had the idea that if I looked behind me, I woul see myself lying in bed; but I could not turn my head or move my body. The next thing I was conscious of was waking in my bed, with aching limbs. My body felt as if it had been involved in some very strenous exercise. I figured I must have had a bout of somnambulance combined with the bizarre UFO dream. Later that morning, upon leaving my house, I was confronted by an excitable neighbour who asked if I had happened to see the weird ball in the sky early in the morning? I asked if it was accompanied by a weird humming. He confirmed that it was. I asked if he felt unable to physically move during the episode. He said he was, but that he knew it wasn’t a dream as the experience had happened to him before and he had spoken to other people in the neighbourhood like me to whom the same thing happened.


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  1. something similar happened to me last year, very strange indeed. always wrote it off as a dream though as i was alone and nobody else witnessed this.

  2. John Clarkenwell

    Hmmmm Christopher I myself have had a similar occurence to yourself, around the Holbeach area. A feeling of being unable to move, but compelled to watch and not feel alarmed by my inability to move. I will be conducting a study into this strange happening and would very much like to meet with you. One further question, do you posess any ESP traits?

  3. i believe you`ve both been abducted try to remember anything else about your experiences and post them on here thanks

  4. In 1976 or ‘7, I was crossing the bridge in Sutton Bridge by car after dark and saw a light I thought at first might have been a helicopter. It was electric blue and lit up the field below it like daylight. I couldn’t see any structure within it. I haven’t seen the area for many years, but if memory serves the object was very near the river.

  5. This case exites me alot,i live in lincolnshire and for more than one person to witness the same thing and experience the same feelings is important in validating this sighting,coupled with the humming sound that seems to be popping up in several reports just latley i think this is in need of more investigation let us know if anything else happens Chris please.

  6. My self and my daughter was visiting my dad, on way home coming towards sutton bridge near river! My daughter shouted mum look at them bright lights at first I thought they were something to do with the boats? They were bright Red and coming from sky and dropping very quickly to ground! I parked car up as found this very intriguing ! This happened 3x it was quite early on aprox 8pm, would be nice to here from anyone else to put our mind at rest.

  7. Hi Chris you’re witness account is very strange to me as last month 5/6/14 me and my with wife were walking our Labrador Molly along the river bank in Sutton bridge we were approximately 1/2 mile from the mouth of the nene where it enters the wash when a bright sphere hovering around 200ft up appeared out of the sky it was making a strange humming sound and it mad me feel very uneasy as I had never seen anything quite like it in my 52 years of being on this planet no sooner than the words what the hell is that had come out of my mouth to my wife the objected had gone with a slight flash and phenomenal speed into the clouds I don’t know what it was I saw that day but I was 100% sure it was not a plane or helicopter so can only describe it as a UFO if you would like to talk more please email me Chris

  8. Chris will have long since gone. Pity there was no corroboration of the Sutton Bridge Incident at the time. I’m surprised not one of these statements ended up in the Sun/Mail. They’d love a good abduction story. A load of guff. Sam, yours is an interesting one. Who knows?

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