Sutton Coldfield-23rd April 2012

Location of Sighting: Sutton coldfield
Date of Sighting: 23.04.2012
Time: 2.15- 2.30 am
Witness Name: R.Savant

Witness Statement: It was past midnight and I was watching a late night movie , Bridget’ Jones Diary . Suddenly at the corner of my eye I saw the moon hiding behind the clouds , however the next minute it just moved . That’s when I assumed this is rather strange for the moon to move at that speed , subsequently observed the cloudy night sky . There was a white globe of light around the Maney hill area where I live , it started moving in a Radom yet circular fashion . I wasn’t convinced so I looked more closely to find 4 to 5 globes of white light similar to the size of the moon moving in a random pattern . I ran upstairs to wake my husband up , he too witnessed it and assumed they were laser beams …. However I questioned who would have a laser display at 2.30 am in the middle of the night . Besides if the light is reflecting from below one can visualise the path or beam from below . There wasn’t any trace of torch or laser light shining from below . He them assumed it was aurora borealis . This was not a veil of northen light , it was just pure white globes , which one can mistake it for a moon above the clouds . My hubby tried to capture it on camera but we couldn’t as the camera didn’t work . Consequently I just watched intently and the pattern repeated itself once more the globes of light disappeared , eventually the light moved in the opposite direction of our house as one globe of light and vanished .
I posted a query I our local Sutton Coldfield observer if anyone could explain or perhaps visualised a bizzae incident . Still pondering if it were a natural phenomenon … Not sure . I am convinced that this is not a prank . From my understanding of physics the incident light whilst shing from below wouldn’t reflect in such an intensity , more so from above . The globes of light were too bright and too large .. Doesn’t sound logical at all . Either it s a military operation or something that cannot be explained . Rather unfortunate that I couldn’t capture it on camera . I was entranced and in a state of shock hence my ability to think or perhaps act logically was indeed an utter failure . Nonetheless I am certain that what I witnessed from the inception of my peripheral vision was not an illusion or a visual hallucination . It will be etched as a memory in my subliminal system … That I am affirmative !!! Thanks


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Updated: April 28, 2012 — 9:25 pm


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  1. fabulous sighting thanks for posting and just keep looking eyes to the sky`s you`ll get a sore neck but worth it just for the amount of ufos you`ll see cos believe me you will see plenty lolly1333

  2. Very interesting report,you should keep a look out in case it happens again(these incidents sometimes repeat themselves)you should also keep a camera nearby.Please let us know if you see anymore of this,thankyou.

  3. Were they on the cloud, or in the sky as ‘objects’ in their own right? I’ve certainly seen a phenomenon where in certain weather conditions car headlights are reflected on the underneath of clouds and appear to move around the sky…..?

  4. Hi, seen the same type of lights in the sky some years ago in the West Midlands, but can’t give the correct time and date. the lights were exactly how you described them, never had any conclusion on the sighting, hope someone can explain this phenomenon. Didn’t look like car headlights reflecting when I saw them. Could have come from lasers from a nightclub?

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