Swansea-10th June 2009

Location of Sighting: Swansea
Date of Sighting: 10 June 2009
Time: 21:50
Witness Name: Christine Blackburn

Witness Statement: Was sitting in traffic lights near Dyfatty flats when spotted an Orange light in the sky coming directly towards me, I put my head out of the window and watched it go straight above my head, wasn’t very low and was flying at some speed in a straight line. Kept looking back as I had to drive off as the lights had changed about 1 minute later I spotted another 4, 1 then 2 directly above from each other then another 1 behind

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. I’m seeing the same thing right now! I saw a bright orange light out my back door, going at a steady speed over Swansea and fairly high up. No sound coming from it so not a plane or helicopter. Then a mintue later two more appeared. Once they’d gone over, two more came, and they’re still coming now. Someone please tell me what they are!

  2. I saw three similar bright orange lights moving over sa1 followed by a fourth about a 30 seconds later. It was a clear, calm night and there was no sound from the objects as described by the previous comments. My sighting occurred on Friday 24th July at 23:15.

  3. Just come back from a friends house. saw 3 (maybe 4 ) orange burning lights flying from over town area going towards devon. Same as above posts. my wife and I had been drinking, our children had not. wife got 1 picture with her mobile phone. very odd.

  4. The orange lights that were seen over Swansea, were chinese lanterns that all of the grandchildren lit in memory of my Dandas funeral.

    Thank you

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