Swansea-2nd January 2017

Location of Sighting: Swansea, United Kingdom
Date of Sighting: 02/01/2017
Time: 17:30
Witness Name: John Ceciliato
Witness Statement: I was walking with my dog at Swansea Marina the weather was unusually clear so much so because only small crescent of the Moon was visible but the light reflecting of the Moon plus nearby Venus made it shine like a full Moon. I sat with my dog looking at the Moon, then I noticed a star like object moving ever closer to the Moon the subject did not appear to be moving at great speed I tracked it and it was definitely heading toward the Moon the light did not flash suggesting an aeroplane it was constant. I lost visual when it moved into the small crescent of the Moon which drowned out the subject with it’s greater luminous I continued scouring for a continued 20 minutes the subject did not appear again on the trajectory that it was moving on. I believe that the UFO landed on the Moon.
That is what I witnessed, if you have any explanation of what I saw please inform me.


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Updated: January 4, 2017 — 9:10 pm


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  1. Hi John

    My names Glen Richardson I’m a UFO Investigative Researcher from Hartlepool,UK. I would be very interested in hearing more about your sighting. Please email me on glen.richardson07@gmail.com or glen.richardson75@hotmail.co.uk


    Glen Richardson

  2. “I believe that the UFO landed on the Moon.”

    I wonder why it would want to go to the moon? Anyhow, the phenomenon of Venus and the moon in conjunction on this night, and those either side, was well-publicised; thousands of amateur astronomers across the world would have had their telescopes pointed at that area of the sky at that moment. I haven’t read any reports of UFO’s being seen landing on the moon. Surely someone would have reported it?

  3. Hi Steve,

    I very much doubt that ‘thousands of astromoners’ would be
    training there scopes on Venus & the Moon, it’s not as if it’s a once one a lifetime oppertunity!.

    High Glen,

    With the greatest respect, I don’t see why Andy should publish your details for posters to give you any further info, though I appreciate that you would like to hear more info on any given sighting, but, I’m sure you appreciate, so do we!. So, if someone does respond to you, I’ve never seen anything from your good self about any further info recieved, efectively leaving us in the dark!.

  4. “Hi Steve,

    I very much doubt that ‘thousands of astromoners’ would be
    training there scopes on Venus & the Moon, it’s not as if it’s a once one a lifetime oppertunity!.”

    Really? I’ve absolutely no doubt there would be thousands of astronomers watching that part of the sky that night, and every other night! The conjunction of Venus – very bright – and the moon (plus mars) was a news story all over the place across the couple of days it was visible. So, a UFO lands on the moon, someone other than the poster here must have seen it, surely? I mean, statistically, it has to be a certainty!

  5. I spotted a unusual object admitting lights last night it defo wasn’t an helicopter or plan I filmed it as well.for.10 mins it had blue green bright white and purple colors comin off and around it

  6. Hi John

    I’m local to you and help run Swansea UFO Network – check out our facebook page of the same name and send us an email detailing exactly what you saw.

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