Swansea – 5th June 2013

Location of Sighting: Swansea
Date of Sighting: 05/06/2013
Time: 22:48
Witness Name: Russell Rowe

Witness Statement: I was sitting out in the back garden in front of my chiminea.I had drunk 2 beers.
I then notice a very bright single light travelling at a speed slower than a satellite but much faster than a plane.
It appeared to be in a low orbit or within the atmosphere.Moving from NW to SE.
Also there was another vehicle which I think was a plane due to the flashing lights from it following the original object.I have taken some video from my iphone although this doesn’t really show the speed or direction due to the low light/dark at the time.I am used to observing the night sky and this was something unusual,imo.It was about 30* above the horizon and VERY BRIGHT WHITE,perhaps the ISS ?


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Updated: June 6, 2013 — 9:31 pm


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  1. Seen the same lastnight about 11pm. Really strange as never seen something like that in the sky before.

  2. On top of the mountain opposite our house at 22.45 on the same night. We had flashing white light that disappeared and then changed into a very bright RED light circular then changed to an oval hovering over the top of the mountain that then shot off towards Ammanford over the Black mountains pulsing red and white dissappearing in the distance after about a minute.

  3. Anything pulsing red and white does sound like some kind of aircraft navigation lights, Geoff.

  4. Hi Carl, it could have been another satellite, or indeed something else, that you spotted. Howeverit does just happen that the ISS was again very bright travelling from WSW to East at about a quarter to 11 on the night of the 9th… which isn’t far off your approximate timing.

    Geoff… Your description is quite different to the original one, so it may be an idea to perhaps report it as a seperate report so it can be logged independently. Just an idea 🙂

  5. have posted this as a seperate sighting there is no way that what we saw was an aircraft as it hovered in silence halfway up the mountain

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