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Swansea – North Gower-7th October 2010

Location of Sighting: Swansea – North Gower
Date of Sighting: 07.10.2010
Time: 8pm till 9pm
Witness Name: Jonathan Davies

Witness Statement: I and my wife were witnesses to a very strange incident off the coast of Llandimore Gower Swansea, last thursday 7th oct 2010, 8pm till 9pm

My daughter who is 2 years old was standing pointing out the window saying bright, Took a look and a very strange large egg shape orange object was in the sky not to far off the coast over the sea (tide was in over the salt marsh) the object them came down just above the sea, the colours were as bright as the sun, the colors kept changing, this happened for over an hour, I took close up pictures with a hi def camera and the pictures are very unusual to say the least, about 15mins after it arrived another similar but much larger object appeared opposite and other llanelli (took lots more pics) the sky was over cast so not stars and not chinese lanterns as objects were very large and stayed in same position for long periods.

Whilst the object was over the sea, a large helicopter came up to the object with a spot light on it, but as soon as the light hit the object it went out and the helicopter sped off in opposite direction very fast, this happened 5 times. strange!

I have been in touch with the police (not their helicopter and no reports) the coast guard same responce as the police and the 2 local raf bases at Pembrey and St Athan both bases close at 5.30 and said nothing to do with them.

I have sent the pictures to Nick Pope who headed up the Investigation into UFO’s at the ministry of defence he has replied and said the pictures are baffling and intriging and asked me to get them analysed with the Bufora which I have done (sent pics, awaiting responce) could you report this

I’m no nut and have 40 plus pics to prove

Best Regards

Landimore, Gower

Here are 3 of the photos submitted by Jonathan:

Following further requests here are three more photos submitted by Jonathan:

Here is Fazil’s enhanced image mentioned in the comments:


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Updated: October 22, 2010 — 10:54 pm


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  1. Highlander,
    It’s beyond a joke when you talk about a set of lights and flares after all you have heard on this site? Night sea rescue exercise? Who are you fooling?

  2. Sorry Highlander did not see your last comment.

  3. Hi Jonathan
    I live in gorseinon and have a friend who works for the coast gaurd in Loughor, I’ll ask him if he’s heard anything.

    About the helicopter, just woundering, dont all flights have to be logged. Maybe Swansea airport may be able to help?
    You could also try Loughor boating club to see if they heard anything.
    I can imagine you feel pretty frustrated right now, I would love to know who’s helicopter that was.

  4. Hi Nigel

    I have already been in touch with swansea airport they have no radar and shut at 5pm, and no nothing about it. I don’t know anyone at Loughor boating club do you? if yes, could you speak to them. And yes very frustrated. I’ve sent fazil another batch of photos so we might see some better images yet! lets hope. nothing back from bufora so seems a waist of time using them.

  5. Hi
    I think I may have seen the same thing as you. I was out walking one evening, but I can’t remember day/time, but it was definitely in October and it wasn’t long after it had gone dark. Where I live I can see the Loughor estuary. As I was walking along the road I saw a really bright still light in between the houses, so would have been over the estuary. I kept looking in the same direction as I walked, but by the time I got to the gap between the next houses it was gone. I did not see the light fly away, or hear anything. It definitely was not a chinese lantern because I often let those go at parties myself. Too low to be a star etc. I went straight home shaking and a bit teary as I was so scared and baffled at the same time.
    Often see unusual things over the estuary area, even when I lived with my parents in Waunarlwydd – they live on a hill where you can see the estuary from there.
    Hope you get some answers! It was weird – and really big too whatever it was. Creeped me out!

  6. Hi Jonathan that is alot like what we had saw in llanelli 22nd January 2012 passing over my house I can’t Believe that me and that jnuness on you tube have got the same object and it’s nowt to do with any shape caused by the camera unless you have seen it for yourself u won’t believe it. We all know what we saw and videoed and it wernt any man made machine.alot of people don’t want to believe that we have other life elsewhere in the universe.i think there is and there alot more advanced than us.that object that past over my house at a fast speed had no sound it was if the glow around it was keeping it in mid air until I zoomed in on it and it was shaped like it is in my pics. I’ve taken other pics of a Chinese lantern and it’s nothing like it at all.

  7. Jon,

    Interesting photos. We stayed in the King’s Head at Llangennith in April of that year and we had a very good view of the Estuary. Whilst we were there, I observed several Hawks from RAF Valley flying at very low level up and down said Estuary, in daylight hours.I notice you didn’t mention Valley and I’m pretty sure you would have heard the Hawks as even with a single engine, in that locality with hills to bounce off, they sound very loud. However, the fact remains they would have been interested in your sighting purely for the fact that the object(s) might have been in their aircrafts’ flightpaths. Had it been an air sea rescue exercise, the chopper would have come from Chivenor or even Valley itself? Unfortunately, the trail has now gone cold, so we’ll never know.Better luck next time. 🙂

  8. I just found my camera and it had more pics on that I had not seen before on the sd card

    I also found some other pics of another round object I saw from same location in broad daylight

    And also the moon turned blood red, i videoed it at the time and it is amazing, what was weird was that it was not on the news but the sky went black and the moon turned into the sun, it was that dramatic

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