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Swindon-3rd October 2014

Location of Sighting: Swindon
Date of Sighting: 3rd October 2014
Time: 20:00
Witness Name: Sam Young
Witness Statement: Magic Roundabout UFO Sighting

A sighting of a craft of unknown identity/origin in Swindon near to the Magic Roundabout Intersection
Time: Exact time not recorded but within window 20:00 – 20:10, on Friday 3rd October, 2014
Duration: Approximately 3-4 minutes
Observer: One male adult pedestrian
Location of observation: Drove Road, Swindon, SN1

Description: A triangular craft was seen floating above the residential area immediately to the east of Drove Road Swindon during the above time interval before moving away, in a manner inconsistent with a sighting of a conventional aircraft.

The craft was seen to be floating perfectly still and in silence very close to Drove Road at a low altitude above housing. It is difficult to estimate the altitude of the craft but it was perhaps ~50ft, and certainly what would legally constitute ‘low flying’. The craft was very close to the observer and so it could be seen with clarity. It was very conspicuous and easy to observe. It was clearly not any form of conventional aircraft or any other known vehicle.

The planform of the craft was a perfect triangle in shape and was larger in area than the houses over which it loitered although it did not appear as large in area as two such houses and closer to that of one. At each of the vertices of the visible underside were very large, powerful circular lights. Slight concentric grooves were apparent within the lights as with powerful search lights and floodlights perhaps. The character of the light was very similar to that of the surrounding street lights. I.E. a bright flame yellow hue. There was a subtle difference of colour between the light and that of the street lights. Namely, it was of a slightly more brilliant character: less burnt and slightly more saturated.

The craft itself was of a dark or black colour and with no noticeable surface features. It was not possible to make out the texture of the surface. There were no signs of landing gear or wheels or indeed any other protrusions. The triangle was perhaps a bit broader in the axis of motion. At the centre of the underside, seemingly fixed directly to the bottom of the craft, was a pulsing red light far smaller than the others. This appeared to be very similar in character and frequency if not identical to a standard red anti-collision beacon of the sort used commonly in aviation. The craft loitered perfectly still without movement or instability and in complete silence over a quiet residential area for an observed period of approximately 3-4 minutes although it was already in-situ when first sighted and so may have been there for a while. It could not have been present for more than 15-20 min as the area was traversed in the opposite direction using the same route approximately this length of time prior to the start of the observation window. It was obvious during the observation that the area immediately underneath the craft must have been very brightly illuminated by the powerful lights. The planform seemed to be entirely parallel to the ground.

After about 3-4 minutes, it moved off without any noticeable acceleration. It moved very slowly – perhaps no more than 15mph based on comparisons with moving traffic on Drove Road. Interestingly, it moved with one of the vertices leading, as though that were the nose of the craft. No fins or signs of a tail could be seen. It remained horizontal as it moved away and no instabilities/roll/etc were visible. Almost immediately after beginning to move, the large lights were switched off as though they had been fed by the same onboard circuit. The lights continued to glow and hence remain visible for the duration of the 30-40 seconds it took for the craft to attain diminished visibility to the observer. The afterglow was very distinctive and allowed the craft to remain visible for much longer than would otherwise have been the case. Perhaps a qualified lighting expert might be able to identify the type of light involved? The glow was a burnt dim orange-yellow hue and faded very slowly. This also gave the impression that the lights were more powerful than had originally been thought.

The craft was moving in a straight line of constant altitude towards the portion of Queen’s Drive near to the Magic Roundabout. However, before reaching that position the craft banked to the right at a very steep angle (appearing nearly vertical) giving an excellent view of the craft from below, something that would not be seen in conventional aviation. In spite of this, whilst the craft had been still the side view did suggest that it was rather bulky although this may have been an illusion of perspective.


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Updated: November 18, 2014 — 10:59 pm


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  1. This sounds very similar to a craft I saw years ago . I posted it on this site.

  2. Hi
    I live in Essex . I was travelling past air base at chicksands in Bedfordshire in about 2013 . With my sister and her children I saw which I think ! Sounds like the same thing you spotted . Same shape , same lights I think what I remember it had a raised centre section like we’re the polit would sit ? But no signs of windows or wheels underneath! It was about 50ft in the air no nose ! And like it was fixed in the sky ! But as I went I looked in the mirror and it moved slowly away .
    I now kick myself because I had my camera in the boot ! It was in the summer time and it was about 20:30-21:30 .. So not dark ! Everyone I told said it must have been a helicopter !

    Regards. Nice to see someone has maybe seen the same craft

  3. Id love to have answers from some one who works in the military, as i am pretty
    I saw exactly the same thing around 2010.
    The way you explained it makes me believe you and i saw the same craft.
    White/ yellow lights that looked very odd, 3 to be precise, one on each corner, perfectly round and pretty big.
    A smaller red light in the center of the triangle, jet black. Couldnt make out a feature although this craft was a stone throw in the air. Either that, or it was huge.

    Hovered over the field i and a friend were walking through at the time. Almost like it wanted to be seen. Strangest event of my life! made me question, still makes me question now! Its the reason i am now studying in physics and newtonian maths.

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