Sydney, Australia-9th January 2012

Location of Sighting: Sydney Australia
Date of Sighting: 09/01/2012
Time: 2230
Witness Name: Albert
Witness Statement: **UFO sighting: Erskineville rail station Sydney Australia 09-01-12 **

I had a truly mind blowing experience while on vacation in Sydney Australia on 09/01/2012 at 2230 hours.(I am a UK resident)

I arrived at Erskineville station to catch a train home after meeting with a friend who lived locally.

As I approached the station I noticed a light in the sky which I took to be a jet airliner.

I got to the station and noticed the lights again. They began acting strangely, such as flying in a formation at high speed from behind this tall building; shrinking and growing in size in the sky above Erskineville rail station.

I put together a slideshow consisting of images, video I captured on the night and text describing my experience that warm January evening.

I heard no sound from the objects whatsoever.

Object changed size. from a relatively small triangle formation consisting of three lights to a much larger one while retaining the original triangle shape it started out as.

I witnessed the objects/lights on the concourse level of the rail station

It was relatively clear skies with few clouds dotted around. See pictures and video

I experienced confusion, shock and fright.


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Updated: July 11, 2012 — 9:54 pm


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  1. Peter

    As you say, you have a problem.
    My seeing 1, 2, 10,000 UFOs is a moot argument.

    Solar eclipses are rare events; even more so than UFOs.
    Are you implying that anyone who has seen more than one or two eclipses must be a liar or hoaxer?
    peter the problem is in your head and not the number of UFOs I may or may not have seen.

    I suggest you get it checked!


  2. Well, well, Nicholai,

    i was wondering when you would put in an appearance.
    You’ve got to admire his resilience and amusing brand of iffy blurb!

    Nicholai, I refer you to my message above to Paul. the same applies to you too.
    Just substitute the name “paul” with your own.

    Happy reading – not that I expect that you are going to be capable of getting beyond the first paragraph.

  3. This is getting as exciting as the Bonnybridge discourse a few years ago!

  4. Glen, Its funny you mention the TR3b.

    The weird thing was, as I watched these lights, I go the distinct impression that what I was looking at was a solid triangle object.

    Yet clearly it had no fuselage to it.

    And whats more they changed size, each point of the triangle formation moved independent of each other but in unison. giving the impression of a solid static object swelling or inflating in size.

    Difficult one to reconcile that.

  5. Paul F,

    Please accept my unreserved apologies.
    Yes I clearly got you mixed up with some other paul.

  6. Peter,

    I have no reasons to want to see UFOs so much so that I would go to extraordinary lengths of staging footage or imagery.

    I really don’t see what is to be gained from such activity.

    You couldn’t pull such a stunt off all the time, one day you’re bound to get caught out. And all for what – 10 days of some sort of “illusionary fame” or a million youtbe page hits?

    I’m just not that guy.

    I saw my first UFO at the age of 10 or 11. And my next sighting 3 years ago. And since then, I’ve seen a lot of them. Thats just the way it is.

    I too wonder why I see these things so often but I just don’t have any explanation whatsoever.

    Its all a mystery. But a hoax assure you not.

    I enjoy capturing images and footage of these objects. I think thats one thing i’m sure of i’ll keep doing.
    And I intend reporting my sightings on this site and wherever else to share my experience through the presentations I put together.

    So it is important to me that people are able to view my material knowing that I have never and will never stage hoaxed material.

    As I have said before, if you or anyone on this site are willing and capable of arranging to have my images professionaly analysed/authenticated then I’d be willing to get them checked.

    It is one thing to express an opinion, to which we all are entitled, it is another to purposely seek to slander and discredit based on yet unfounded claims and assertions, which evidently seems to be the case judging by some of the messages posted regarding sightings I have posted on this site.

  7. Hello Albert
    I am a proffesional photographer from the East Midlands

    Can I please request that you upload the full unedited video of this sighting onto this site so I undertake my own enhancments and analasis of the footage .

    I would be very greatful if you could.

    Many thanks David Taylor.

  8. Hi David.
    Yes, i am quite happy to provide the material you are requesting.
    Just to clarify. When you say “Full unedited video of this sighting do you mean

    1.Do you want the videos featured in this slideshow? of which there are two. This would be the raw .MOV files or

    2. Do you want the complete slideshow?(linked to my YT channel)this is the file prepared and rendered in window movie maker? or the individual unrendered files that make up the slideshow?

  9. Hi all,

    I came across this today in my email.
    It’s a monthly newsletter I subscribe to, produce by

    George A. Filer III New Jersey State Director
    MUFON Eastern Region Director

    It features some interesting stuff check it out and subscribe if you like:

  10. Interesting vid, looks like a plane or helicopter though, the reasoning being that the flashing lights are required by the FAA, this is required worldwide on all civilian and military aircraft, no disrespect but quite why folk would think an alien UFO would have FAA compliant lights attached is quite beyond me or any rational thinking unless off course they are among us and live here and need clearance to land at major airports ???, in which case they are just aircraft – of course using logical reasoning a boeing 747 would be a ufo or ufa until it was id’d as a boeing 747.

    Source – Read some books on ATC and experiancer of missing time. I sit on both sides of the fence.

  11. Well put Albert, your great entertainment on a wet night.

    Debs comment is spot on. We should get you a tent and you can stay in the park at Bonnybridge and maybe you can spot some real UFO’s that are not full of hot air! I hear on the QT they like the aerial array up on the hill side – but don’t quote me on this.

    Ronson’s comment is spot on.

    Incidentally did you read the book I recommended to you?

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