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Bright White Light Moving West To East – Aylesbury-23rd July 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Date Of Sighting :
23rd July 2019
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Witness Statement
Bright white continuous light looking like a star only much brighter moving steadily from West to East eventually getting dimmer and fading to red. Definitely not an aircraft as no sound or flashing lights. Far too bright to be a satellite. Through binoculars still looked like a very bright star. Travelling direction West to East. I am hoping others saw it.

Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire-31st December 2008

Location of Sighting: Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
Date of Sighting: 31st December 2008
Time: 11.00-11.30pm
Witnesses: Alison Burch

Witness Statement:My partner, myself and a friend experienced a similar sighting on 31st December 2008 outside our home in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.
It was between 11.00 – 11.30pm and we had some friends round to celebrate New Year. My partner had gone outside for a cigarette and called me out to look at two orange objects in the sky. They appeared to be hovering or moving very slowly. A friend then came out into the garden and also saw them. As we stood watching they just seemed to disappear. We went back inside and told everyone else but they all thought we were joking or everyone said no it must have been an aeroplane. But the lights were not flashing and there were just two, nothing else.
I’m glad that other people have seen it as well.

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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