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Fareham, Hampshire-13th June 2009

Location of Sighting: Fareham, Hampshire
Date of Sighting: 13th June 2009
Time: 23.15
Witness Name: Chris Harvey Ross

Witness Statement: North/north east I saw a large orange slightly pulsing ball of light, too large to be an aircraft, and too bright. Travelled towards the south, after about a minute and half of watching, it appeared to grow smaller until it disappeared behind cloud. My son and I watched this for about 2 minutes as it travelled across the sky. I witnessed something exactly the same about early to mid November 2007 which came from the east and travelled north/north west, again watching for about 2 minutes or so until it grew smaller and eventually disappeared.

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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Fareham, Hampshire-28th November 2008

Location of Sighting: Fareham,Hampshire
Date of Sighting: 28th November 2008
Time: 5.30pm (lasted 10-15minutes)
Witnesses: Name withheld at request of witness.

Witness Statement: i had been at work outside in the rain all day due to a refit of our merchants yard. i was going to stay on and complete the job.i stopped at about 5pm for a break and panned the sky to see which way the clouds were moving.if it was going to rain again i was going to call it a day.over to the right it was all cloud cover slowly moving away.as i turned 180dgs it gradually cleared but was not completely clear but enough to see the stars of the early evening.i was surprised to see a bright white light above the warehouse next to our unit.i could see a light behind it not as bright but moving towards me at a slow speed.i first thoughtit was two planes in formation but therewas no wobble or variation in the flight path .i then realised that they were not displaying any navigation lights.as the lights were heading my way i decided to watch as it would fly above my head and i could see what it was.as the first light passed a star the star was obscured after a few seconds i realised that the object must be one solid object and not two as first thought.as the rear light passed the star it became visible again.the happened once more.this didnt make sense as it must have been massive in size.i got so excited as it was coming over as there was no sound.i am used to seein light aircraft at this location and can here them even at about 2 miles away.as it was directly above me the shape of it became visible and i was astonished to see what i can only describe as a cigar shape or similair to a submarine.there were no other lights other than i have described already .no cabbin,no wings,no noise.i could clearly make out the curveture of the fuselage as it went over me.i was searching my brain for an explanation but was not getting any answers.i looked at the bus depot in front of me desperate for a witness i could call out to but there was nobody about.the vehicle flew directly over my head over the bus depot shed and headed towards the cloud cover i have previously described.as the light at the front headed into the clouds it faded and went out ,this made the shape stand out as it went throught the cloud.the clouds were lapping round the object as it passed throught.as the rear light passed throught the cloud it dimmed and it was gone.guageing the size i would say that the bus depot garage is about 250 foot long.the object was one and a half the lenght of this at the altitude of the rainclouds i have since found are approx 600-800 ft above ground level.this vehicle would then have to be 500-600 ft in lenght if it were on the ground.i have been reluctant to report this because of ridicule but the trusted people i have told know me & my character & that i am honest.the following week i saw the tail end of it again at the same location on a slightly different flight path but only to see the last quarter of it again sail throuhgt the clouds.a sighting of about 10 seconds.i ran into my office and phoned my partner who lives in gosport to go outside into the back garden &pann the sky .she witnessed with her son the object. someone must have seen this .is this military,if so,why fly over a built up area at low altitude with no sound and no navigation lights.i am farmiliar with the sky and objects in it .this was no missidentification of somethin explainable .the speed was slower than a light aircraft & faster than a ballon.it certainly wasnt a ballon or blimp as has been sugested.as i say no noise.a blimp make a drone .in anycase if it e-were a blimp it would have to be the size of the hindenburg .i will take this sighting to my grave & cant stop lookin at the sky since.hope maybe someone else saw this & like me didnt want to report it.please help.

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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