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Spinning Ball Of Light- Lomond Hills Fishery Fife Scotland-October 2019

Location Of Sighting : Lomond Hills Fishery Fife Scotland
Date Of Sighting : October 2019
Time: Night (Various)
Witness Name: Alexander Wyness, Manager of Lomond Hills Fishery

Witness Statement: These sightings have been happening over the past few months.
I’ve always been interested in looking at the stars.
Over the past few months doing my poaching patrolling at the fishery myself and friends have noticed strange activities in the sky I work night shifts so Im awake all through the night.

At first I thought it was a large drone with bright lights.
But after loads of  observations on the light source.
And the amount of time it was in the sky I realised that no drone could stay up in the sky the whole night.
From a glance just looking up it just looks like a star but a more orange flame colour.

This light actually followed my and my friend a few miles up to another part of my fishery.
Then turned away when close.
This was before I started filming it and taking pics and before I knew it wasn’t a drone

A few nights after that I was in my office on site at my work place the fishery.
I looked out the window and noticed the bright light.
I thought at that time it was someone flying a larger drone.

My plan was to shoot at it with a sling shot.
To damage the blades.
When I opened the door of my caravan and looked up I soon realised this was no drone and a sling shot wouldn’t do nothing.
This things was longer than my 34 ft caravan
Myself and my friend just looked up at it like what the hell is that.
The bright light went off and it was 40 ft about the caravan. Flew towards us them sharply turned another direction.
At first when I opened the door it was a fighter jet but the thing is no sound came from this thing.
The only light that came from it was a blue neon light.

After that night I was on the look out to gather facts and gather evidence.

I called police the next day they just looked as if I was nuts.
They put the report down as a drone I already told them it wasn’t.
And they told me it might be the army training in the area.

On the 19th and 18th I started taking more pics and vids  and noticed the light close up looks like a spinning ball but with loads of bright different colours.
In my videos if you pause the vids on and off you’ll see pics like faces.
I just don’t understand it all its so strange. And can’t get my head round it all.
This is why I’m asking this site for advice and help