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Cumbernauld, Scotland-12th August 2009

Location of Sighting: Cumbernauld, Scotland Date of Sighting: 12/08/09 Time: 1015pm Witness Name: mark gordon Witness Statement: was driving in to my street whenas iturned in a very bright orange light was right in the middle of my window i stopped the car and got out it was bright orange and roundish also seemed to […]

Ochil Hills, Scotland-12th August 2009

Location of Sighting: Ochil Hills Date of Sighting: 12/08/09 Time: 2100 Witness Name: NF Witness Statement: Bright red light seen travelling at speed across the tops of ochils. Light stopped and then went vertical to the height of space station. Light remained there for several minutes, then a second red light appeared lower to the […]

Ballingry – Fife, Scotland-16th December 2000

Location of Sighting: Ballingry – Fife, Scotland Date of Sighting:12/16/2000 Time:1600-1945 PM Witness Name: Ken Murdoch Witness Statement: As I was driving through Lochgelly (FIFE, the wife noticed several people looking through bino`s at a bright light in the sky). So we pulled over and looked up into the sky and saw this bright shining […]

Inverness, Highlands Scotland-15th July 2009

Location of Sighting: Inverness , Highlands Scotland Date of Sighting: 15 July 09 Time: 23.30 Witness Name: James Simpson Witness Statement: whilst on the way to work ahead of me in the nite sky saw three white lights verticaly ,exact distance apart as they went across the sky from bottom to top they slowly faded […]