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Tredegar-South Wales-23rd May 2009

Location of Sighting: Tredegar – South Wales
Date of Sighting: 23rd May 2009
Time: Around 22:24
Witness Name: Jordan Fox

Witness Statement: I live in Tredegar South Wales and last night 23/05/09 me and my friends saw a very strange “burning orange” object in the sky moving very fast, i took a photo of this.

The object looked exactly like a shuttle but seemed to be way too low. It was moving very fast and we observed it moving from the North/North East to South/South West. As it just moved DIRECTLY over us we could clearly see 3 cones of “flame” coming from the back of this object, withing these cones we could also see smaller white cones, once agen exactly like the colours and shapes that come out of space shuttles as they are taking off.

There were 9 whitnesses to this. The object was bight burning orange with slighty darker “flames” extruding from the rear. There was no sound and no flashing light as an aircraft but much lower than any commercial airline but very very large.

We observed it for about 2/3 minutes possibly more. Observed around 22:24Pm. At this moment it was around 1/3rd of its way through the time we observed it.

please if any1 has seen this around the Wales area leave a message. 

 i did not think to take a video of it as i was truely amaized and basically gob smacked and only managed a photograph using my mobile phone camers (3.2megapixels).

Here is the photo sent in by Jordon with cropped enlargement:

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Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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