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Massive Orange Ball- Olivers Mount Scarborough-25th September 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Olivers Mount Scarborough
Date Of Sighting :
25th September 2019
20.15hrs approx
Witness Name:
Sarah R and Aysha R
Witness Statement
My daughter and I were walking our dogs it was dark my daughter shouted what’s that massive orange ball in the sky it was to the East over the sea. When I looked she said it’s gone, vanished I can’t believe what I’ve just seen! I told her I had seen something similar a few years ago. As we walked back to the car in the field in the distance was a large orange mist it looked as if something massive was in the field. We were unnerved and ran to the car and it disappeared immediately. It was similar to the orange light I had seen and reported on here a few years ago. My daughter is very cynical but she admitted it was very frightening and unexplainable.