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Dark Rugby Ball Shaped Object-Walderslade, Chatham, Kent-7th September 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Walderslade, Chatham, Kent, UK
Date Of Sighting :
7th September 2019
Witness Name:
Peter S
Witness Statement
I was sitting in my bedroom when I saw out of the window a dark rugby ball/American football shape appearing to move slowly in the direction of my house. I rushed to the window to film it, but I accidentally missed the record button on my phone (yes, I am aware this sounds like a silly lie, but I want to report it regardless).
As I thought I was filming, I zoomed in and saw on the screen of my phone that there was a rugby ball shaped white light on the underside of the object, which gave the object the appearance of a black ring with a white centre.
The white light could not be seen with the naked eye,and only showed up when I zoomed in on the image on the screen.
As the object passed over the top of my house, and I pressed the button to stop recording, I noticed that it actually started the recording instead of ending it. I was, and am, utterly gutted that I messed it up and can only hope someone else saw it too.
The sky was orange at the time, and I live in a populated area. Surely someone else saw this too and managed to record it.

Walderslade, Chatham-10th July 2009

Location of Sighting: Walderslade
Date of Sighting: 10th July 2009
Time: 11.20pm
Witness Name: Jaycee

Witness Statement: My daughter and I saw a burning orange light in the sky moving fast until it disappeared ,the whole sighting lasted about 5 minutes. It was a ball of light I thought at first it was a plane engine on fire, but there was no noise or smoke trail.

Source: Direct request on UK-UFO

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