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3 Slow Moving Bright Lights- Wallingford, Oxfordshire -13th August 2019

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Witness Statement
On retiring to bed,using the bathroom situated at the back of my house that faces onto fields and countryside and is west facing, I noticed a very bright stationary light across the field. Opening the window, I saw another two identical lights(a little less bright) to the left of it (these were set apart and about five inches apart from the main light and higher up on the horizon) None of them was against the sky, all were not far from the ground, and all round in shape with irregular edges of lights.The first light was the brightest and fluctuated from bright white to dimmer and had flickering red/orange lights about it. The other two lights were moving slowly and then one moved up very quickly. I could not believe my eyes. At that moment I started to feel unwell and have a panic attack, I went to my bedroom and stayed awake most of the night unable to sleep. What is disturbing is that this is not the first time I have seen similar lights in the same location and been too scared to report it. I thought maybe that the lights could be a combine harvester working late but this does not explain the identical lights higher up to the left, or maybe railway work – also not applicable with the light location. On another occasion there were three similar lights and they were silent, moved erratically but in straight lines and at high speed far too quickly for a car and then suddenly disappearing. No sounds for any sightings.The hills just beyond to the left are the Chilterns and the Ridgeway so I’m not sure if this bares any significance. I feel very unsettled by seeing these.