Tamworth, Staffordshire-31st December 2009

Location of Sighting: Tamworth, Staffordshire
Date of Sighting: 31st December
Time: 23:58
Witness Name: Darren

Witness Statement: I went outside new year to watch a fireworks display. After a few minutes i had noticed these orange lights in the sky. They were not fire works as they didnt diffuse and were traveling in a horizontal direction from the northern to southwestern direction at a guess the speed of a light aircraft. They all seem to be heading in the same direction. After the fireworks had finished a few minutes later there were more lights coming from a north/northeast direction scattered about but also quite low in the sky. As it was not windy there is no way they could have been chinese lanterns as they were moving to fast for a little ballon and only going horizontally across the sky without gaining/losing altitude from what i could see. There were no flashing lights or noises to be heard so im ruling out aircrafts but there were around 7 or 8 maybe a little more of them close together all heading in the same direction. I cannot think of any possible explanation for this.
I am normally a sceptic about things like this as i seem to have logical solutions but this time i am stuck and cant think of anything what they could be ??

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

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  1. We saw the exact same thing, as did my mum 4 miles away, we are in Stoke on Trent so Tamworth not far but far enough for it not to be Chinese Lanterns, another friend of mine ssaw them in Hanley and they seemed to think they were a meteor shower…..who knows???? i too am very sceptical but don’t what else they could be.

  2. These were all over and seem to be a new CRAZE! They are Chineese Lanterns. They travel quite high but on a straight path. You did not see a UFO!

  3. We thought they were chinese lanterns so we brought some to try out and there is no way the things we saw were chinese lanterns, the lanterns last about 20 mins and what we saw new year eve were in the sky an hour at least. the lanterns appeared smaller as they drifted away and what we saw stayed the same size regardless of height…..And Chinese lanterns stay in one direction these things were moving all over the place……PLEASE believe me i have tried find other explanations cuz i am a Christian and don’t believe in this stuff but cannot find another explanation, really wanted it be chinese lanterns but there is no way that they were…..too many sightings in too many places on different dates too

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