Taunton, Somerset-2nd February 2009

Location of Sighting: Taunton, Somerset
Date of Sighting: 2nd February 2009
Time: TBA
Witness: Janet Marshall

Witness Statement: As we were driving home from Glastonbury, just approaching the Priorswood industrial estate saw a very large red ball in the sky, with 2 small orange lights underneath it.We pulled into a layby and watched as a It glided slowly acroos the sky for aprox’ 5 minutes before a large flame fell from it and it shot off across the Taunton sky. The Police were notified as we thought it might be a plane in trouble but as we spoke to them we realised that it couldn’t be. A couple of police officers were sent to talk to us (probably to make sure we weren’t drunk) and began to take a statement. Just as we were giving them all this information, another light appeared and then dissappeared quite quickly. The officer taking the statement witnessed it too. We all stood there puzzled as to what this could be. Any ideas would be great???

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. solar balloon

  2. I saw this too, it was seen aswell by other people the wekk before and made the Somerset County Gazette.

    I was in Priorwoods and saw it from my back garden on the 2nd Feb, itlooked like something was on fire, and then stuff fell from it as if onfire. It then fell out of the sky,

    I thought for a minute a it was a plane in trouble withsome ejecting, but now believe it was one of these ballons you can buy.

  3. this is so weird we were in the park when we saw this flaming thing flying through the sky really fast. me and my friends were watching it as it went from the left to the right really fast. we thought it was a plane on fire but it was two fast to be a plane. we didnt phone the police though as we thought it would be a waste of there time. this is relly weirdd though it happened about 11pm on the 18th july

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