The Solent-1st June 2013

Location of Sighting: The Solent.
Date of Sighting: 1/6/2013
Time: 9.15pm
Witness Name: Valerie Wells, Lucy Wells

Witness Statement: We both saw a bright yellow circle of light hovering low in the sky, it was just hovering for about 15 mins. no noise came from it, no flasing lights. just silent. was clear skies with no stars. no clouds. the sun was starting to set on the other side of the silent so it wasent that. no moon in sky. after 15min the color faded and instantly dissapeard like a switch.


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Updated: June 3, 2013 — 9:47 pm


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  1. Did the light seem ‘solid’? If it was nebulous in appearance, it’s possible you saw an anthelion, or antisun, a rare optical phenomenon:

  2. Hi, are you able to say where it was in relation to the setting sun, (i.e. If you stretched out your arm would it have been, say, “three palm widths to the left and a palm width higher”). Thanks, Warren

  3. Pollution it by the setting sun?

  4. Hi, should say pollution lit by setting sun.

  5. You pollute this site Nemo.

  6. Peter,

    Nemo consistently gives sensible, rational possible explanations where they are due. Have you anything constructive to add?

  7. Peter,

    I find Nemo’s contributions particularly value adding. Why would having someone who is familiar with terrestrial aircraft and how the airspace is managed be a problem? Surely having such experience on a site is of equal benefit to ‘believers’ and ‘sceptics’ alike as anything that helps filter sightings and explain some/many of them helps all of us who have an interest in such matters. If you’d rather every sighting is taken at face value and not challenged or explained then the site will be worthless… it will of course provide ‘confirmation bias’ to the beliefs of some of the less rational ‘believers’ on here… but will be utterly useless.

    If you have an informed, rational, challenge to an informed, rational point made by any sceptic then I’ve no doubt they’d quite like a meaningful debate and would be happy to be swayed by any credible evidence against their initial ideas, (n.b. the key word is ‘credible’).

    To simply expose your own puerile closed mind by attacking an individual is futile. Can you not see that’s the case?

  8. Peter, if you can’t take it, don’t give it. A useful adage to remember when you are having a dig at others. I try to remember it but it doesn’t always work. However….at the moment, you are giving the impression of a petulant child.

    How about we get back to the subject? One Lloyd is enough! (JOKE ALERT!) 😉 🙂

  9. Warren, no I can’t? You like the sound of your own voice too much. like Nemo.

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