Thetford, Norfolk-24/25th July 2012

Location of Sighting: Thetford Norfolk
Date of Sighting: 24/25 July 2012
Time: Approx 1.00 am
Witness Name: Anne Flynn

Witness Statement: Hubby and I went outside to have a cigarette, and as we stepped out there was a large flash of light directly above us. Quite some distance above us, it was a very bright flash, like an explosion, expanding out and retracting again, all in a mere few seconds. There was no noise, and as we watched trying to comprehend what had happened, there remained what looked like a star, which slowly faded. The light was pure white, and so not likely to be a lantern, and seemed to be far to high, (star level) to be one also.


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Updated: July 26, 2012 — 9:45 pm


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  1. You could have witnessed a supernova.

  2. Definitely not a supernova, or nova. None have been reported and they wouldn’t go without notice among astronomers, who would now be in a state of high excitement. The light from such an event would also be visible for at least weeks or months, not seconds.

  3. same night,great yarmouth flash in sky,tracked with binoculars,flash happened at high altitude,every 10 seconds,fast moving on a south to north trajectory,very fast moving ,reletively west of yarmouth

  4. Iam probably wronng but you are near to Mildenhall & Lakenheath I know Mildenhall does get the odd one or two secret aircraft flying inn they might have something based there as the SR71 spyplane was there years ago & that was kept quite & the would fly something out of there early morning so not to be seen by the public or if they was testing something

  5. Is this Martin of Susan?

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