Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich-7th August 2009

Location of Sighting: Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich UK
Date of Sighting: 7th August 2009
Time: Around 10.30
Witness Name: Scott Aldridge

Witness Statement: This is copied from a thread i wrote on Facebook.As i walked to my sisters car (Loren) to take her boyfriend home (Ollie) a strange series of events happened. We saw at least 7 orbs of orange light of which managed to combined together to make three lights, these formed into a shape of a equilateral triangle! Then they disappeared into thin air! another 4 orange lights raised in a diagonal line into the sky as we faced into a northern direction which was the same position as before as this happened we saw a shooting star (BY THE WAY THIS IS NOT A JOKE)! One orb then went into another and then they formed a isoscles triangle. After these evaporated, about 30 seconds- 1 minute one more light raised into the sky and another 2 or 3 did this and then the second from last one just went higher in the sky then all the others and hung in the air a longer time then all the others as if it was looking back onto the earth, also Ollie said he saw one wobble abit up and down! Loren got a picture of one of them as her camera wouldnt let a picture be taken for whatever reason is unkown! The photo she got was of the one which hung over looken back at the earth, this picture will be uploaded on her or mine facebook account, maybe both. 1- 2 minutes later a last orb raised and was dimmer than all the others and dissolved quicker than all the others. Did anyone see this? Has anyone seen this before? Its really made me think what else is actually out there! It was a surreal experience, maybe UFO’s or Chinese Lanterns? Yet how would they go in such perfect formations!? Please comment!


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  1. I live in Thorpe st Andrew and as i was sitting in my lounge on 27th August 2009 i saw a bright orange light in the sky i said to my husband whats that he got up and ran to the front door where another 7 came over heading in the same direction as the first had gone there was absolutly no noise so i got my video camera out and videoed it and i put it on my laptop it came out just as we had saw it extreamly weird i can tell you

  2. i forgot to mention it was at 9.58 pm

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