Thrapston, Northants-20th August 2009

Location of Sighting: Thrapston, Northants
Date of Sighting: 20/08/2009
Time: 22:00
Witness Name: Robin Muir

Witness Statement: I don’t know if anyone else spotted these but I’ve just (about 20 to 30 min ago) seen about 20 or more intense amber/orange lights (similar colour to street lamps) flying over Thrapston from the South-West to the South-East, from my back garden (faces the South-West). Some of them were in singles, but there were quite a few more that were flying in a loose formation (not like the Red Arrows). I’m sure that they weren’t normal aircraft or helicopters as they normally have red or green navigation lights. Although there was quite a bit of traffic noise from the A14, I could not hear any sound of aircraft or helicopters. Also there was too many of them to be light aircraft, so unless it was the RAF or USAF moving an entire squadron or two at the same, then I can only guess that they must have been UFOs?????????????


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  1. Hi there, we saw these lights to, all in all we counted about 30. Both sides of neighbours also witnessed them. Like you say there was no noise. Really strange!. We were watching them at about 10.15pm in our back garden, we to live in Thrapston.

    Be interested to find out what they was? My neighbour wondered if they was chinese lanterns??

  2. i saw these too near northampton town centre at aproximately 9pm on saturday too…has anyone found out what they were yet? im dying to know!

  3. We released around 30 chinese lanterns into the air at a wedding at Le Manior (on Oxford border) at dusk… distance would have been around 30-40 or so miles… perhaps if the prevailing winds were strong enough they could have reached Thrapston by 10pm or so…

    (hope this helps).


  4. Yes! I saw one yesterday! Would have been about 9pm, over Thrapston 🙂
    Was it a chinese lantern!?

  5. Yes I also saw five orange lights on Thursday night about ten thirty
    Two together and three in formation also seem to have
    White search lights pointing to ground I spotted these over Harlow Essex

  6. They are chinese lanterns!

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