Three Lights In Triangular Formation-Northampton-7th October 2018

Location Of Sighting :Northampton U.K.
Date Of Sighting :7 October 2018
Time:Approximately 10.30
Witness Name:Lee K
Witness Statement: I was outside having a cigarette starring at the sky as I normally do at night when outside smoking. I saw what at first appeared to be a meteor. Initially it was moving in a straight line, after a couple of seconds it appeared to be three small lights in a triangular shape. After noticing this, it’s path took a zigzag like change in its direction, but eventually ended up in the same kind of direction it had initially been moving in. I can’t imagine that a plane, satellite or meteor would be able to make such sudden movements at such high speed. Eventually after about 6 seconds it disappeared out of view behind the houses on the next street along!

Updated: October 9, 2018 — 8:13 pm

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