Tiptree, Colchester, Essex-14th December 2009

Location of Sighting: Tiptree, Colchester, Essex
Date of Sighting: 14th Dec 2009
Time: 12.45am
Witness Name: Gary Payne

Witness Statement: Hi, um this is prob going to sound mad, but between Sat/Sun 12:45am in Tiptree – i witness 6 Bright orange lights race across the sky.

at first there was only two, they came from nowhere then the two 1st lights swapped place’s, one of them stayed stationary while the other one seemed to vanish!

then while the other one stay (almost hovering – for want of a better word), then once again from what seemed like nowhere, another orange light appeared and zipped across the sky followed by another, then another, until 5 lights had pass the stationary light.

then slowly the sixth light became very dim then seemed to desapear…

this all happened over a 15min time frame…. the objects/light where as i said orange in colour, with no other lights – like you see on planes or helicopters, they moved very fast at first, then slowed down.

i must just say they where quite close, and there was no sound.

i go to heathrow alot though my job, and these objects where not aircraft that i have seen before, nor where they chinese lanterns.

wondered if anyone else may have seen them, i also know there was a meteor shower/shooting stars around this time.. these lights were flying with some control – across the sky, not out of the sky.

Would love to hear if anyone else has reported anything to you.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

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  1. My son rang me Xmas Day about 9.30 pm to tell me to look out the back of the house(Maldon Road, Colchester). He’d already seen 5 orange spheres travelling along the same flight path from Maldon or Mersea at approx. 3 minute intervals. I watched while 3 more crossed the sky, silently and too low to be aircraft – very weird!

  2. We (at Eastgates area) also saw weird orange lights on xmas day evening, moving from west to east. First there were 3, one in front and the other two beside one another which if joined up would’ve made a perfect equilateral triangle. They didn’t seem like aircraft as they were orange, very slow and not flashing, plus there was no craft appearing attached; they were just like lights. Then the one in front went ahead slightly quicker and disappeared from view. A fourth one then came up behind and when making a triangle shape again they moved at same speed maintaining their distance apart form one another, until they were out of sight completely!!!!! Never before believed in UFOs of any sort, but they were certainly flying, and unidentified 🙂

  3. Saw a single orange light over Old Heath, heading towards Mersea about 5.30 PM. At first I thought it was a meteor but the path was too erratic and it was large enough to be a loud bang on impact. Then I thought it may be a plane in trouble but again, no crash. Sky had a dull orange glow.

  4. I saw something extremely similar to the row of orange lights last night at work with 2 collegues (Lexden, Colchester). The lights I saw were silent too, which stands out as odd given the speed the move at.

    I saw an orange light in the sky which caught my eye. As I looked up to check it out, I saw another one quite a large distance ahead of it (over 200m I reckon) and a third one which was just vanishing from sight (they were moving away from me in a south westerly direction).

    I then turned around to see another one passing over my head and another one coming, all the same distances apart, travelling at the same speed. At this point, I then called my colleague to come outside to see them, at which time there were around six or seven. We then stood and watched and saw another minimum of two coming over. This was followed by one more (final) orange light that did not follow the same path as the others as it headed in a westerly direction.

    At this point, a third college came onto the site exclaiming “did you see that?” he showed us some photos he had attempted to take but they hadn’t come out well.

    As we looked at the pictures we saw around five or six planes (at differing altitudes, unlike the earlier lights). They seemed to come from different directions but then all headed south west in the same path of the original orange lights.

    The lights we saw were travelling at some speed, approximately three times faster than the planes which were following them, with the exception of one of the planes. One of the planes appeared to be larger and faster than the others, and seemed to be at a similar altitude to the lights, which had seemed to be flying at a lower altitude to the planes that came after them.

    As it was pretty dark, but clear and cloudless, it was difficult to tell whether the lights belonged to one large object or separate objects. I say this as it was suprising how constantly in line they remained, in terms of speed, altitude and direction.

    I used to be in the army and am familiar with a range of aircraft, but I have never seen anything like these before. Did anyone else see them? You can email me at benmail07@gmail.com.

  5. About a month ago i was standing out in my back garden about half 9 at night i saw the same thing, 5 orange lights in the sky. They werent moving but just slowly going from side to side, then all 5 disappeared and reappeared bout 100 metres to the left literally in the space of a second. They were doing the same thing going from side to side for about 5 miutes then they “flew” away from me very quickly and disappeared. Very strange! I do not believe in aliens but these were very wierd and unlike anything ive seen before. And the fact that they were moving seperatly suggests they were not connected tgo one single thing as there was no pattern to them!

  6. this was above tiptree by the way!

  7. Chinese lanterns!

  8. They were not Chinese lanterns, on the night/morning in question there was no wind, it was clear & to me the was definitely some intelligent control. I also fly drones & this was that either. These days I keep an slr camera with me just in case, but alas I haven’t seen anything since that night.. I have experienced 3 other ufos in my life 2 so scary that I don’t wanna publish them here, The other was in Colchester in the summer of 2011 was about 11:30 at night & was a very fast sighting, it looked like 2 tadpole shaped objects flying very high, they seemed quite big and blocked out the stars as they flow. Then as they got about 500 yards away they split up, one going left & the other right, there speed increased and they were gone in the blink of an eye..

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