Tobys Walks A12 BlythBorough-26th or 27th December 1980

Location of Sighting: Tobys Walks A12 BlythBorough
Date of Sighting: 26 12 1980 ? may have been 27 12 1980
Time: 23 00
Witness Name: Neil Johnson, Helen Large

Witness Statement: while courting at Toby’s walkswe were rudely interrupted by an intense white light which eliminated the car and surrounding area. Initially I thought it may have been some aircraft coming off to sea and flying over the coastline,but we soon realised that these lights appear to be on a Ferris wheel on the field across the road from where we were parked they seemed to come up from the ground in a semicircle and rotate back this time we decided to go as all thoughts of a passionate embrace had left us as we started the car the light seemed to move away towards the coast and then wasn’t until so some years later that I realised the significance of this event..


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  1. Hi, I have had this story relayed to me sometime in the late 80’s at a dinner party held at my then girlfiends house, their name was Smith, Was that possibly you? If not there were other witnesses to that event, hope this helps!

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