Torquay, Torbay, Devon-30th July 2011

Location of Sighting: Torquay/Torbay/Devon
Date of Sighting: 30/07/2011
Time: 23.00 —11pm
Witness Name: Paul Belcher

Witness Statement: on many nights, and last night, in distant up high a small object that flashes intense, silver, and disappears only to flash on for 3 seconds, and then disappear again further on, repeating but not in distance and time, extreme burst of brightness. also on other nights, again in very high night sky objects that appear in one part of sky, and zoom high speed in triangle posistions in the night sky, always during summer months late 23.00. i have seen these objects for many years, but never reported any until now. im unsure of what aircraft could have such capabilitys, and in truth know alot about aircraft, ex r.a.f. i keep an open mind. in all things.


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Updated: July 31, 2011 — 8:30 pm


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  1. Paul, I too seen something like you discribed on Fri 29th. Flash of light disapeared, but i stayed fixed on it, it flashed disapeared again,then it zipped right across the sky leavin a what i can only discribe as a thin white jet stream, but what was even more strange and i thought this just doesnt seen natural, it was how it moved so fast across the sky. Would it sound strange if i said like warp speed, cos if i would have blinked i would have missed it. I have NEVER in the whole of my life seen anything like that, couldnt even compare it to a regular shooting star. I have seen 4 completey different sightings in the last 2 weeks!! I have never seen or witnessed anything befor its only just recently. My husband and son have also seen strange lights, which im so thankful as this can make you feel like ..well what the Hell else can it be???

  2. After having reviewed some air traffic control data from this evening there could be a responsible explanation for this sighting on the the date and the time you mention there was in fact an easy jet plain passing you call sing U2194 heading to Belfast this could be what you seen.

  3. we live near a now disused and demolished USAF base. As kids and teenagers we would spend lots of our time around the base and surrounding area both day and night as we would camp in the woods and fields. We would often see lights in the sky around the base sky and at times over the base. These lights were not planes or helicopters as we would hear them both day and on occasion at night but these lights never made a noise. They would remain high in the night sky or drift across some times back and forth as if on a wire. The lights would start small and some would remain like this but others from the distance you could guest they must have been large but not making any sounds. The years would be 73 to 77 we would see these lights. Even now after the base was officially closed in the early 90 it still has lights in the sky sometimes one sometimes several. As the area is only several miles away from a civilian airfield the regular lights from flights can easily be differentiated from other lights seen the the night sky. I still find it hard to understand how so much activity around this area went on and so little was reported. There were several news reports about strange lights in the sky around the area but very little in comparison to what was there. Even now you still see strange lights but seldom reported as they would be very difficult to confirm there origins. So many reports are put down to RAF and USAF activity in our night sky and of a secret nature but personally I feel this is just another way of not taking the matter any further

  4. Possible explanation for flashes seen in the night sky are the Nano sail or iridium flares from satelites. The nano sail is quite beautiful to watch pass over. Check out check flybys and go watch the nano next time its over the UK.

  5. I am not 100% certain of the year but possibly 1976/77 I was living in an area named Starpitten Grove. It was evening and a clear warm night. Myself and neighbours witnessed the passing of what appeared to be a mighty fleet. Flying low with full lighting. I did at the time think it was 1 craft but on reflection thought it was several large aircraft. It or they took at least 15 minutes to pass, indeed it/they took so long I had time to go indoors for a chair. What was really strange about the craft is that it was very low and very slow.

    Whilst living in this area on two separate occassions I was told a plane had crashed in the same copse past the estate which is Starpitten

    I would dearly love to hear if you have any other reports or explanation of these events.

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