Translucent Jellyfish Craft-Hubei China-September 2000

Location Of Sighting :
Hubei China
Date Of Sighting :
September 2000
Witness Name:
Witness Statement
I was in a second floor apartment in a Chinese village. I saw lights pass near the windows. I thought it was a helicopter. I went to the large window. I saw at least a dozen different lights. Neon fluorescent pink green blue lights. Craft flying and drifting all over the sky. They looked like translucent jellyfish – some of them were shooting out laser style fireworks lights + some ships teleported and reappeared in different parts of the sky. I watched this incredible sighting for perhaps one and a half hours. At some points I had almost a psychic or telepathic link with the ships that might have been living light forms. Several ships turned on their sides and fired lasers towards the ground – it looked like they were collecting soil samples. To see this was an incredible confirmation of my beliefs about the supernatural and the paranormal.

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  1. Why didn’t you report such an incredible sighting to the press?

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