Triangular Craft-Kippax Leeds Yorkshire-19th July 1998

Location of Sighting: Kippax Leeds yorkshire
Date of Sighting: 19 July 1998
Time: 11 pm
Witness Name: Ann wright
Witness Statement: Saw a beam of light going on and off from left to right going across the window it very bright almost like a torch was been switched on and off but a brilliant light.We had the curtains open as it had been a hot day and window slightly open.i jumped out of bed which took me approx three seconds as I went to push open the window a disc which was only twenty feet from me was rotating in a clockwise direction it looked like a Catherine wheel and bright red as though it was on fire.
I would estimate it to be about fifteen feet in diameter no sound and I was seeing the underneath of sped off in about two seconds leaving a vapour trail.i looked at the night sky and saw very high up a triangular craft which looked like a Christmas tree shape with lights at the end of each section going on and off intermittently. I had never believed in ufos but whatever It was it was not man made.

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  1. No Alan no lost time,my husband got out of bed but was not quick enough and missed it.The thing was it was only twenty feet from me the bottom of the craft was so intense it looked like it was on fire but definate rings like a Catherine wheel .I was stunned when it left a vapour trail then disappeared.

  2. Absolutely bizarre found this as I’ve just seen a light exactly the same movements and description last night over kippax at 1am

  3. hello ann what part of kippax were you in?

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