Triangular Object and Bright Ball Objects-Heanor, Derbyshire-1990 -1995

Location of Sighting: Heanor, Derbyshire
Date of Sighting: 1990 -1995
Time: Around 21:00
Witness Name: James Beeby
Witness Statement: I can’t remember the exact date. I remember it was in the 1990’s. I think around 1993. I was young around 12 years old.
It was on western drive, marlpool. In the back yard. Looking SSW over Shipley park. I noticed in the clear night sky. “Stars that appeared to move” little bright balls near in scale to background stars. I noticed that three of these started to move. Then they moved in various directions changing trajectories instantly. I moved to the front yard and to the street to continue viewing. I noticed that some people in the street had also noticed the lights. I walked down my street to my friends also viewing the light. We stood at the lowest part of the street where the Jitty to sunningdale avenue provided a clearing to view these lights, which by this time had orientated themselves In a line above Shipley park. Now they are slightly larger in size than before. They began to project beams of “light” straight down and moved across the tree line. They did not operate as one. They appeared to operate independently from one another. As we looked around I / we noticed over my right shoulder in the sky above and slightly behind me a large triangluar black object. In each corner there was a red circular glow. It made no sounds and crept very slowly towards the tree line. It was positioned above the cemetery perhaps further away. I was unable to determine the scale and position. When I returned to look at the lights above the tree line they had just stopped the beams of lights and then vanished into the distance. I looked back at the triangular object and it had vanished. I will remember this for ever. I’m shaking as I recall this now.


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