Troon, Ayrshire Scotland-Summer 1985

Location of Sighting: Troon, Ayrshire Scotland
Date of Sighting: Summer 1985
Time: afternoon
Witness Name: John

Witness Statement: I was 7 or 8 years old, playing with two friends directly in front of my house. Myself and 1 of the friends were sitting on our bikes next to a lamp-post with the other friend standing in front. Everything was very quiet and calm, when we began to hear a faint rumbling noise which very quickly rose to a deafening roar. I’ll always remember the friend standing in front of my bike, crouched down to the ground holding my handle bars screaming, terrified by the noise. I’m sure she had her eyes closed, which makes me wonder if she even witnessed what myself and other friend saw. Extremely startled with shoulders hunched we instinctively turned to the direction in which we thought was the source of the noise.
Looking to the outlet of the cul-de-sac which went on to a main road, we saw to the right, at an altitude of approx 25ft just above the roofs and following the road, a matt black object shaped like a bullet make an almost right angle turn into the cul-de-sac in which we were, pass directly over us and continue to follow the road to the end of the cul-de-sac and beyond over a railway line used for shunting, a golf course and disappeared from view heading towards a large hill in the distance. I remember running to my back garden, going into the kitchen and telling my mother what we saw, who at the time said she heard the roar, but when I described the incident to her again years later, She had totally forgotten. Thankfully I drew a picture of the object at the time, which I have just recently found, which is partly why I’m finally reporting it.
The object we witnessed had no wings or cockpit which could identify it as any commonly known aircraft. Even being only 8 years old, I had a knowledge of usual aircraft in the area as there was an airport nearby also with an RAF squadron stationed there. I went to frequent airshows and saw lots of military aircraft. I have wanted to accept that it was perhaps a low flying harrier from the nearby squadron due to the obvious jet propulsion, which to me explains the roar, but no matter how hard I try to accept this, it just does not sit right, and I know that is not what we saw. The only other explanation that I can think of is some sort of projectile or missile, which is extremely worrying, as if is the case, would mean it was being guided 25ft over a populated area. With the sighting being during the cold war, is it possible these kind of exercises occurred? There was a USAF airbase located close by at the time (RAF Machrihanish) which was a very secret NATO base. Is it possible it came from there?
There are other points to the sighting, but being so long ago I can’t recall accurately.


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  1. It may have been an out-of-control cruise missile, in that case, though they would never admit it. Machrihanish still has its secrets, so it’s highly likely that your “UFO” emanated from there. Must have been a frightening if awe-inspiring experience.

  2. anynon: wow, absolutely fascinating! I guess the proof of missile testing would be on the radar data then! I’d love to see it (even though I’d make no sense of it lol) it’s incredible to think that they were tested from the atlantic to land there. But it makes me wonder, if this was the case and it did indeed miss it’s target, where did it come down?! Im not sure something like that could be hushed up, especially if any property (or worse) was damaged. or could it have turned back around? The more I look at the AGM-129 ACM, the more im convinced that’s what I saw, Perhaps I could upload the picture I drew at the time, but Im not sure if I can do that on this site? Its not much, (so don’t laugh!) but does give a good representation of what I saw. Nemo: no probs Gary: It was absolutely terrifying, It was so low. I’m amazed that nothing was reported in the papers or that no-one else appeared to witness it. Makes me wonder how it would be even possible to cover something like that up. Just wish some other report would surface from that time and area!
    Thanks everyone for the info…definitely gave me a little closure.

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