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This  is the  feedback received so far from people interested in forming a UFO Watch Group in the London area:

Gus:My name is Gus Garcia and I’m very keen on starting a UFO Watch Group based in the London area but that would also travel to other places around the UK. I live in south London, but I’m currenly looking for a new place in East London.
I come originally from Brazil where I would frequently have ufo watch nights on the country side of Sao Paulo. I have been interested in the subject from a young age so i’ve read quite a few books, seen many documentaries and i still try to keep up with UFO related news as much as i can. Despite this, I haven’t actually seen anything that I can positively classify as an UFO.
I’m sure this is about to chage though.
If anyone out there is interested drop me an email: gustavonebo@hotmail.com

Please leave a comment if you would like to be involved with UFO Watch Group in the London area

Updated: December 19, 2010 — 10:55 pm


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  1. hi,i am looking for a group in my area,please contact at above address,thanks

  2. i am looking for a ufo watch group in the london area if someone could send me an email on info that would be great thanks

  3. Hi,

    I’m in SW London, near croydon and interested in joining/founding a UFO watch group. send me an email at lucid2012@hotmail.co.uk

    Would be great to meet someone with a bit of tech knowledge regarding IR Cameras and a knowledge of astronomy & telescopes as I am just a newbie but very keen and preparing to purchase my first equipment pieces.

  4. There’s not any formal group in London, where people can discuss the UFO phenomenon?? .. if so please ;let me know.. or at least let’s start ONE.

  5. Hey.
    Im a student in Kingston upon Thames, and wish to join a UFO group, I dont have much money for travel so the closest the group the better. If you could give me a email with any useful info on I would very much appreciate it.
    Thanks, Chris.

  6. Would be interested in something in Central London on a weeknight. There’s some pubs in the City area that have an upstairs room you can often use for free (so long as you buy beer!). I can look into it if interested.

    I’m only really interested in discussing and investigating daytime sightings, as the vast majority of night sightings can be explained by aircraft lights and chinese lanterns.

  7. Also interested in joining a UFO group, I live in west London. Please drop me an e-mail regarding an update of the formation of this group. Thanks. ?

  8. I would be very interested in joining a group in London, I am very fascinated by this phenomena, meeting like minded people who are serious about the whole UFO gig….

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