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  1. Hi, maybe you could check out something which seems to appear over Marton to Welshpool road, Shropshire. There again tonight around 9pm. Bright star sized object which seems to pulsate bright red, blue and white, then dissapears like its being extinguished. Maybe a satellite? Maybe a helicopter hovering? Seen this lots of times, but tonight is the first appearance since probably Jan.

  2. Do you know of any groups in devon or cornwall any feedback will be gratefully appreciated, thanks for your time…..

  3. http://www.cornwall-ufo.co.uk/
    just thought i would pass on group details -hope this helps

  4. hi when do you meet up and where?

  5. Hi
    We meet up regulary on monthly sky watches and conduct open forum meetings for the public and members.
    The group was re-launched in February and is now called UFO Shropshire and the website is: http://www.ufoshropshire.co.uk
    Its run by Darren Perks who is the famous Cosford UFO Incident witness and well known UK based investigator.

  6. the link to the current meet is broken … just links to your book?

    could you fix this ?? or let me know where and when you guys plan on meeting.

  7. I have tried the links to http://www.ufoshropshire.co.uk but not able to open? could anyone give me any info on any meetings group watch night that are coming up soon

  8. Hi I am interested in joining a UFO group in Shropshire or Powys as I’m on the border, I can’t seem to find any myself , does anybody know of any groups that get together to discuss sightings or go UFO watching?

  9. UFO Shropshire had a period of non operation due to Perks being targeted by online trolls it seems. However they are operating again but looks like there are a few ‘organisers’ who are now running things. I Googled them and came across this blog which looks relatively new, so may be worth taking a look:

    Perks looks like he is still involved in some aspect but its not clear as to what extent. I contected them via this blog and was told that they their team members are based in avrious parts of the UK but actively investigate in Shropshire and other areas keeping a low profile. Sounds ok to me and and don’t blame them for keeping a low profile, with what happened previously with Perks. If they know stuff then they really will ‘know stuff’ and the best way is to keep in shadows and operate quietly etc.
    Main thing is that there is an active group again looking like they are getting some progress into this subject etc.

  10. Hmmm they do seem to be active again looking at that blog in the last comment. Mate of mine emailed them and they arranged to meet him last weekend on a sky watch near the Stiperstones in Shropshire. He did meet them and he said they ahve all kinds of good kit like thermal imaging scopes and night vision video stuff. They spotted military satellites and some random pulses plus red orbs moving along the valley towards habberley village. Perks wasn’t there though and my mate was told that he doesn’t do anything public with the group…

  11. Hello annomous editor I’d like 2 join ur meetings in Shrewsbury soon, regarding ufo’s and other interesting goings on in the sky. Please email me bk cj.

  12. Blog’s gone now, so the mystery continues as to just what Mr Perks is up to.

  13. Guys, I’m starting up a UFO sighters group. Everyone welcome to join please do not hesitate to contact me 07543035678. Ronnypockett@gmail.com.

  14. Perks is employed by the MoD still, and is working in London now. He is good friends with my cousin in Shrewsbury, and he has been working in the US since 2017!
    He won’t speak about the UFO subject anymore, and basically told.my cousin he is not allowed. He said to her that if he did it would end his career, and there are eyes and ears everywhere.
    He does work as some sort of technician for the MoD though, and he has a public cover to hide his real employment by the looks.

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