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This  is the  feedback received so far from people interested in forming a UFO Watch Group in Surrey:

Sherrie:-I would like to start a ufo group for surrey in england please advise me how i can go about this safely. iam a technophoebic i want the simplest way to advertise it.I have witnessed many sightings one at close hand and iam very sensitive to all paranormal issues. i have already spoken to the local publican and monday nights we are welcome. I want to call it the Surrey UFO Society (S.O.S) Be good to hear from you as its extremely frustrating in Surrey especially when its a hotspot for them.

Please leave a comment if you would like to be involved with UFO Watch Group in Surrey

Updated: December 18, 2010 — 9:43 pm


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  1. Hi,

    I’m also in Guildford and have alway wanted to meet up with people to chat about UFOs and go on sky watches. I have yet to see one though…

  2. I also live near Guildford and would be very interested in joining a Surrey Watch group. Does one exist?
    Have been interseted in the subject since a I was a kid.

  3. Hi. I have been interested in the subject of UFOS since my schooldays sighting in the late fifties and another sighting in the early sixties. Since then I have researched every angle of the the subject. My own conclusions from all this has lead me to believe that our planet receives frequent visitations from extraterrestial beings and further to that more than one species. iy is also my claim that these visits have gone on throughouut history It would be great if a Surry UFO branch could be set up or maybe it already is. Discussion always helps to expose the truth. Hope to here from you, kind regards Colin

  4. oh my goodness so sorry everyone its Sherrie what a response to starting up a ufo club in surrey! i did not follow this up from the beg of the year as i have had so much going on i never envisaged such a following! Well i think we should just all meet up and discuss how to form this ufo club my email is sherrierobbie@gmail.com. I have never formed a club so a joint effort would be great i have an infra red cam etc so anyone interested please email serious people only iam in surrey but not guildford iam sure we can arrange a suitable central meeting point. Anyone technophoebic iam a bit my number is 07528 212598 Sherrie

  5. Hi its Sherrie everyone sorry great response, plse email reg the surrey ufo club sherrierobbie@gmail.com 07528 212598

  6. Hi sorry for taking a year reg surrey ufo based club great response contact me sherrierobbie@gmail.com and lets get started

  7. Infact anyone in the Surrey area please contact me if you are interested in UFO meet ups sherrierobbie@gmail.com regards Sherrie

  8. Set up a free WordPress website, pretty much like this, loaded with keywords like ‘Surrey UFO club’ ‘guildford’ and so on…..there’s WordPress tutorials on Youtube.

  9. Hi sherrie , I live in Surrey and av recently seen a black triangular UFO n am now hooked on searching and watching for them . Would like to join group and discuss what we all know

  10. Hello Sherrie,

    Is the Surrey UFO group still active?
    I would like to join if it is.



  11. I see Simon above was the last entry in 2014.
    Has your group taken off and where in Surrey are you meeting if so. I am in London and would be good to also meet up with any one here.

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